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FS 2012 Bowman Master Set. Details inside. Taking all offers
Okay guys I dont know if there will be much interest in this but I need to make some money real quickly and I dont know exactly what kinda price to put on a set or lot like this.
I can provide a very accurate list down to every card included but there is very many.

Its a 2 shelf shoebox of parallels for Bowman a 350 ct for platinum. base bowman with purple are in a 600 ct and the chromes are all together.
My guess is close to 2500 cards

Im going to make an asking price of $1200 (shipping included) OBO i am very flexible and will answer any and all questions.

This is what is included.

2012 Bowman very close to finished
2012 Bowman Paper Prospects
2012 Bowman Purple Prospects
2012 Bowman Chrome (complete)
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects (complete)
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Green Refractors 25/110
2012 Bowman Chrome Vet Green Refractors 77/220
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractors 70/220
2012 Bowman Chrome Vet Refractors 113/220
2012 Bowman Platinum Base (complete)
2012 Bowman Platinum Base Prospects
2012 Bowman Platinum Purple Prospects 74/100
2012 Bowman DDP paper RC's (complete)
2012 BDDP Paper Prospects Complete
2012 BDDP Chrome RC (missing 1 card) #27
2012 BDDP Chrome Prospects 147/165
2012 BDDP Prospect Refractors 65/165
2012 BDDP Chrome Refractors RC /300
Miley Reed Moore Rosario Mesoraco Aoki Pomeranz Simmons Archer Hutchison Martin Dozier Nieuwenhuis Norris Milone Iwakuma
Draft Blue /250 RC's
Miley Reed Pacheco Cabrera Valdespin Dozier
Draft Blue Prospects /250
Naquin Cecchini Rutledge Proctor Gonzalaez
Bowman Draft Best Diecuts /99
Heaney Hawkins Davis Ramsey Buckel Barnes Miller Rosario Nolin
3 Draft autos Haniger Bean and BGS 9.5 Blackburn all are base autos
Bowman Draft Blue Paper /500
150/210 total includes harper zunino gausman etc.

Bowman Set Collector
Blue Jays Guy
Supercollecting Jorge Saez and Jose Berrios

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