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Roy New Avs Coach

Roy New Avs Coach
Just noticed that ESPN is reporting that Patrick Roy will be the Avs new head coach. Not sure how long it's actually been know, but I just thought I'd post to see what some of your opinions are of this move. I know he was one of the best goalies of all time, but do you think he'll make a good head coach?

RE: Roy New Avs Coach
The story just broke yesterday. I love it. Besides being one of the great players, I've heard numerous people say he is also a great hockey "mind" and has vast knowledge of the game. Former teammates have said he was like a coach on the ice, always in the film room with other players, etc....

Time will tell, hoping for the best and can't wait for the new season. Also hoping he can give Varly some tips.
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RE: Roy New Avs Coach
he has also been named as co-Vice President of Operations with Joe Sakic, they will be running the team.

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RE: Roy New Avs Coach
I think the more important thing is, as shez said, he's been named co-VP of Operations. Not only will he be coaching but he will have a hand in making decisions about players and who will be on his team. I think it's important that he will be able to basically help form this team to his exact liking.

I'm a little nervous about Roy being the head coach, but he had an outstanding record in the Q - something like 380-200-? and I believed he won a Memorial Cup. Hopefully he get the Avs back to the playoffs and work towards becoming the power house team they used to be back in 96-04
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RE: Roy New Avs Coach
He will to a certain extent, Sakic supposedly has final say. Hopefully they get along well and they won't clash!
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RE: Roy New Avs Coach
we see what happens now with the avs
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