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Is it worth it to start an "organize" collection for trade?

Is it worth it to start an "organize" collection for trade?
I am struggling with whether or not it will be worth it to pay for the organize feature. I currently have lots of random 90s rookies/inserts (Jordan's, Kobe's, Garnett's, Duncan's, etc.) that I am looking to trade/sell but is there actually traffic to move the cards? I only collect Jordan cards now and am looking to get rid of basically everything else I have and my Jordan duplicates. Thoughts?

RE: Is it worth it to start an "organize" collection for trade?
If it is base cards, then I do not see a point adding them.. it is very time consuming to add hundreds if not thousands of cards..

I've had a paid subscription to OP since 2007.. I would much rather have the magazine, but it does not list every card..

you can use the trade/organization (I believe) up to 100 cards listed for free.. after that, Beckett wants you to pay for the OPG... if you collect more than one sport, subscriptions can get expensive, even when bundled up..

for me, I like the Organization idea.. but again, it is time consuming.. so I have been adding more cards.. I have close to 4,000 cards listed.. mostly from 2006-07 to present...

I think adding low serial numbered cards to your ORG is good, because you never know when a collector will find it & make you an offer...

Zinger82... you been a member a long time.. did you stop collecting for awhile? just curious... I'd recommend setting up a small trade organization.. see if you like it.. if yes, then pay for the OPG for a month or year (month is too short of time & not much traffic on Beckett forums as there used to be, especially in baskebtall).. in that time, you should get an idea if it will benefit you or not..
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RE: Is it worth it to start an "organize" collection for trade?
Thank you for your response! I used to have the online price guide (2003-04) but I found it was nothing more than a registry list due to the fact that eBay became such a big player in sports cards. Well the registry list for each player is free so I just downloaded the list for my personal collecting hunt and use eBay as my price guide.

I have stopped and resumed my Jordan collection 3 times since the late 90s. It is definitely extensive at this point but that's the fun of it. I figured it would be great to see if I can help others and myself through trade. I already sell on ebay extensively but I feel like you don't get decent value for even rare inserts of non-Jordan/Kobe. (All of my non-Jordan stuff is from the 90s box breaks)

I actually can not start an organize collection of any size unless I pay $19.95 (well that's what it say when I click on the link). I may just give it a shot I'm not sure.
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RE: Is it worth it to start an "organize" collection for trade?
If you call beckett and talk with them they will take care of you on the price. They cut me a good deal.

RE: Is it worth it to start an "organize" collection for trade?
It seems there are about 10 traders on this site for basketball, but football and baseball have plenty. There are usually about 2 or 3 new threads a day here and about 20 in football. For whatever reason basketball collectors aren't willing to spend $20 a year to trade here, but football and baseball collector's are.
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RE: Is it worth it to start an "organize" collection for trade?
I pay $20 for organize for a year, and then buy a new magazine per sport every 4-6 months. I use the organize just for trading. Good luck.
Looking for all types of rookie cards. Only trade with a d/c #. If you have less than 25 trades you must ship first. Thanks.

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