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Come and get 'em! Just added all Mini's and Inserts from Wife's GQ Break!
Do NOT send open offers. I have a very busy work schedule and I do not have time to dig through ORG's to get cards I would like. I will do my best to not let a trade sit idle for too long. If it does it's because I'm busy and can't quite get to my laptop.

I MAINLY collect Andrew McCutchen. If you do not have a lot of him I also collect Pedro Alvarez and Neil Walker.

My wife collects Derek Jeter.

Please keep the values fair. If I already have a card you are offering I will send a counter offer, if I don't see anything I want, I'll just cancel the counter and accept the trade and take a dupe.

Also, I ship Priority Mail w/ DC. Your cards will be very well protected plus also the bubble mailer will be put into a small flat rate box. It costs me $6.10 to do that but I don't mind it at all. It's helping my job by sending Priority Mail. I just do not trust the Postal Service's machines across the country with just a bubble mailer and I don't want your cards damaged.

Peace and Love,

~ Zach and Inez.

PS: The Roger Maris Indian Head Penny Relic is NOT FOR TRADE/SALE Smile
[Image: rainbowsig.png]
^Need the Purple 1/1! Will Pay A Finder's Fee!^

Collecting: Andrew McCutchen (me) & Derek Jeter (wife)

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