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So, would anyone be interested in

So, would anyone be interested in
a common card lot, along with some jerseys and autos that i would throw in with the deal?

busted two hobby boxes of panini classics 10-11 a while back, along with a box of prestige, and also a box of rookies and stars, so needless to say there are hundreds of common cards. Among them are some noteable inserts (durant,bosh,bird) for the three from the top of my head.

Also I have a lot of autos and jersey pieces from last years panini gold standard boxes that I have busted open recently. School semester is starting up in two weeks, and need to move some of my cards to try and get some money to pay for school. I will be updating pictures to photo bucket throughout the week, and as much as i hate to do this but the money situatiion has forced to me to say that I may even entertain offers into my carmelo collection : (

pm me with any offers or ideas of how i might be able to move these cards and make a little bit of cash for school? any help would be appreciated. thanks guys!
Always looking to collect Carmelo Anthony patches and autos

Still offering 20 dollar finders fee for anyone who can point me to the T or Y of 07-08 Topps letterman set.

Check My Melo PC on my bucket.

[Image: ZfsEI.png]

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