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OT: Anyone ever see these?

OT: Anyone ever see these?
theyre like BGS holders, but theres no label and theyre not from BGS. theyre like Pro-tech or something holders. theres a few on ebay, for someone who grades for protection theyre kinda cool. just thought Id share and see if anyone else has seen these and if they work cause I might buy a few Smile
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RE: OT: Anyone ever see these?
I just checked out their site to see the info on them, and yea, I would buy them if I were selling on the bay or else where as they are tamper resistant, so if someone buys a card, and claims it is damaged or whatever and wants a refund, you can tell if the slab was tampered with.

On the other hand, it also opens up the door for a lot more fake or changed graded cards to enter the market.
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RE: OT: Anyone ever see these?
Thanks for the heads up, i would use them also for sales and for my better cards i get.
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