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Upset with UD...
01-27-2013, 09:55 PM
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RE: Upset with UD...
(01-27-2013 05:04 PM)bselje Wrote:  I had the same redemption (Maehl) and got the same 2 autos in return. Now I didn't care if I got the Maehl, as I have no reason to collect him, but I would have preferred to have a choice who they replaced it with as well, since I waited for almost a year to get this.
i absolutely HATE redemption cards - I've been waiting over 15 months for a Demarco Murray Absolute from Panini (which I also don't care if I get the player, I just want SOMETHING at this point) As bad as this was from UD, Panini has been 100 times worse. I am done with them and filed a complaint at the Better Business Bureau this weekend. As far as I'm concerned - Topps is the only company that even tries to fairly deal with redemption cards, but I have heard bad things about them too. I seriously wonder about the future of this hobby if these companies dont get their acts together.

Never had a problem with UD but always get screwed with Panini. Whenever I get a redemption form them I try and trade it away asap or sell it. Last time I redeemed one it took 9 months and they sent the wrong card. Then another 4-5 months and I get the right one. Then a year later(seriously a year later) they send another copy of the redemption I got from out of nowhere! That was strange that they sent 2 copies to me. Doesn't inspire confidence that they know what they're doing you know. On the plus side I got 2 cards of a defensive nobody lol!

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01-27-2013, 11:39 PM
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RE: Upset with UD...
(01-26-2013 09:37 PM)ejnfl24 Wrote:  A long while ago I bought a Redemption for a SPA rookie auto of Jeff Maehl for my Ducks PC. He has other auto's live in some UD products so I thought it'd eventually be filled. So today I check my mail to see if Duch's contest prize was in.

Got a yellow mailer from UD containing a copy/paste apology and two scrub autos of backups Brian Price and Anthony Dixon without even contacting me to ask if I had preference in who/what they sent as a replacement or even that it wasn't going to be filled.

Thanks upper deck, for nothing. Signed, a disappointed customer.

I had the same maehl redemption and got the exact same autos as well. I feel the same. Wish they would have contacted me. when panini sent me a replacement for an o-lineman auto without contacting me first they sent me a frank gore auto which is actually worth something

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