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1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More
(08-18-2019, 08:17 PM)DrMitchJ Wrote: It's a very, VERY interesting and old post from Tanner in 2015, FYI
And always fun to see some of N5K posts get recirculated!

IMO, probably not much there individually or as a set... as Tanner mentioned .. hugest print run. Maybe some newly elected HOF players in there that might get some interest individually but there are soooooooo many

Ahh, I didnt even notice the age of the original post. I should have known since there were a ton of replies seemingly instantaneously! LOL! Thanks for the heads up!

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RE: 1991 Topps: The $100 Card, Glowing Backs & More - by jbissell - 08-21-2019, 02:56 PM

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