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My Annual Inception Deception
08-05-2015, 09:09 AM
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RE: My Annual Inception Deception
Nice pick ups Doc Smile

Looking for the following 2015 Topps 1st HR Relics:
Adam Dunn, Adrian Gonzalez, Chris Davis, Jose Bautista, Yoenis Cespedes
[Image: ugEVK2X.png]
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08-05-2015, 10:17 AM (This post was last modified: 08-05-2015 10:41 AM by DrMitchJ.)
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RE: My Annual Inception Deception
(08-05-2015 08:17 AM)djohn Wrote:  I have done the same thing in the past for other products. I call it the "Buy a Box Worth" challenge. When I start thinking about buying a box and it isn't to work on the set, I sit back and consider the price of the box and how many hits it will have. Then I go and see if I spent the same amount of money could I get a better return than 90% of the boxes would yield. Usually I end up with great cards of players that I collect or want, instead of bad hits of players I don't care about.

This is the 3rd year I'm doing this with Inception. I just can't see dropping $180 on 10 cards of prospects that may, or may not pan out in the future. 2013 prospects were 50/50 ... I've got some good cards and some bad, but I'm not as disappointed as if I would have been paying $18 per card for $5 (or less) autos found on eBay.
We should do a "Buy a Box Worth" Challenge here ... Except we'd probably hit eBay at the same time and inflate all our prices bidding against each other and totally defeat the purpose of the challenge. Although we once had a '$10 challenge' and who could get the best purchase for only $10. That was a fun challenge.
(08-05-2015 08:03 AM)RyanKramer961 Wrote:  Really good idea bud! I can't bring myself to spend the money on it for the same reason. You could end up with five $8-10 autos when it's all said and done. With that said, I could use that Beede for my PC!

Thanks. I'll be keeping all these cards as PC right now, and see how they do.
One of the good things about my 'Inception Deception' is that I chose these players instead of having them randomly thrust upon me by Topps. Although, if not for randomness, I probably wouldn't have been following Sean Coyle. (I pulled a 1/1 ITG Between the Seams auto of Coyle a few years ago, so he's been on my radar.) But everyone else has mostly been 'on purpose purchases'
I'll keep you in mind for Beede in the future, though.
(08-05-2015 08:43 AM)zeprock Wrote:  Sorry. I don't recognize any of these names except maybe Guerrero, but I will say those are some beautiful looking cards. I hope they do well for you.

Thanks! Yeah, they're prospects and for the most part, I'll be lucky if one of them successfully become a MLB Ballplayer that ends up with a 15-20 year career. Statistically most will fail and fall short of expectations. But their cards do look nice Smile

[Image: Ch4Mt.png]
Avatar and Banner courtesy of jbel4331. THANKS!
Topps should send me Flowers and Candy this Valentine's Day, because they've been screwing me pretty regularly throughout the year. Smile
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08-05-2015, 12:35 PM
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RE: My Annual Inception Deception
This is exactly what I am doing with Inception this year. I love the look of the cards, but can't justify $20 per random card when all I really care about are the Royals.

I've gotten 3 Binfords (base, Blue, Green), 3 Finnegan (base, 2x Gold), and 8 Almontes (base x2, green, blue, gold, red, Inception, and Inception Orange), for about $160 total. That's not too many more cards than the same amount would buy in boxes, but I've gotten exactly what I want and no fluff!

[Image: sig2_zpstn38wygf.jpg]
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08-06-2015, 03:09 PM
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RE: My Annual Inception Deception
These are all awesome doc! Going to have to get something worked out with you on that Matt Williams Bronze Ink you have in your ORG. I've been a looking for that one.

Looking for all cards from these guys I don't have!
[Image: tPSNwfV.png]
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