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Player Collection Question
I hope I'm not wasting anyone's time with a question that I should know the answer to. My search-fu has been terrible today so here we go. Is there a way for Organize to show me at a glance which cards of a player I still need to collect?

For instance, I like Lance Berkman. A look at his stat zone page shows he has 5,345 cards. On the same page is a checklist function which will give you a printable list of all of his cards with boxes to check off manually as you obtain cards.

Is there a way as I add to my Berkman collection for the checklist to be electronically updated? Preferably by removing cards I have from the checklist and updating the total number of cards still needed?

Does any of that make sense? Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time - Lon

Not sure if this answers your specific question, but...

What if you were to add every card of that player to your ORG as either 'Have' or 'Want' and then manually correct to show which ones you actually own and which ones you still need. Tedious work at first but then you will always have that info going forward.

As a set collector I do this all the time to keep track.
I do not think you can edit that checklist, but when I pull up Madison Bumgarner, it has 3400+ cards and on the far left is whether it is in my ORG.
However, it does not tell me if it in my haves or my wants or trade.

Good luck

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