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A few packs of UD

A few packs of UD
Bought about 6 packs of UD 2014 a few weeks ago and sadly they had no autos. I felt really bad, until I read the short print article yesterday.

Turns out I got a partial case hit! Hopefully he falls to the Pack so I can keep it as PC.

2014 Upper Deck CJ Mosley Rare Hobby Photo Variation #273
[Image: q6w9b6gl.jpg]
[Image: Gdgj0.png]


Top 5 Auto Needs
1. Elijah Pitts
2. Oscar Robertson "Big O"
3. Giannis Antetokounmpo "GA34"
4. Aaron Rodgers "A12R"
5. Aaron Rodgers "A8R"

RE: A few packs of UD
Nice pull! Love those SPs! I bought six packs and got zilch.
I collect BAYLOR MEMORABILIA and SPORTS CARDS. Also RC QB autos and Redskins. My Album: http://sportscardalbum.com/u/Sensei322


RE: A few packs of UD
cool pickup..congrats
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