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FREE CARDS - gift thread...UPDATES 8/3/2012

FREE CARDS - gift thread...UPDATES 8/3/2012

I have updated this list. The names in bold print are current members who I know have sent to others. If your not in bold then you shouldn't be on this thread guys. It's not a free loading thread and some have taken advantage of it too much. I hate to be blunt but it's true.
I know a few of you have recently sent for addresses so when guys post they have received from you I will fix your name. Also if you have received from anyone not in bold please let me know. New members don't take offense if your names not in bold. I am assure it will be soon. Old members who sent once don't think your set, I will eliminate you from bold if it seems you not sending any longer.

OP's NOTE TO TRADERS: Please do not ask to be on this list of you have no intention of sending any cards. This is not just a list for guys to get free stuff. The intent is to send free stuff as well.

Additional OP note: It has been asked that we put our user ID on all gifts so that others can properly thank the sender. If you want to be anonymous then that is fine as well.
Okay guys I am starting a gift thread. This is not trades and does not involve any feedback or trust or anything. Its just fun for everyone and something we can all enjoy.

This will be great if you have children who collect as well. If your sending to a child please feel free to address it to the child. Kids love getting mail too.

The way it works is this:
1. You post on the thread the player/team you collect. You must be a collector of anything of that player/team really for this to work. That is all you do here. I will try to keep an updated list in the thread so we don't have to read too much to find a person for the gift.

2. You must PM me your address to be on the mailing list then you also must post in this thread as well.

Everyone has cards laying around they don't want or need and if they are low-end often times we don't wanna trade them cause it isn't worth mailing in a bubble mailer etc.

The way it works is you check the list and find someone you think would enjoy it. After you have selected a taker you PM me and I will PM you an address for the card to be sent to (if you wanna send to me or my kids PM me for that address as well). Then you simply mail the card PWE to the person as a gift.

Everyone should be getting random mail and a surprise at the same time, which is always fun. It also means many guys getting base/inserts etc for the PC and guys being generous to each other or our children.

I think this will be fun for everyone.

Please do not post unless you intend to return the favor to the Beckett community as well.

There is no limit to what you can send and your all welcome to mail however you choose but only PWE is required.

The cost for this is basically one stamp for every person you choose to send a gift to.

I also ask you post some of the gifts you receive here to encourage others to play along.

TTM autos or in person autos work great as well for gifts if you have an extra laying around. This should be fun for all, so post and enjoy.

Your even welcome to post a picture of a card you wanna give away and someone can respond as a taker if they want it.

Everything here must be FREE though and for this thread let's stick to baseball only please.

Collector List (* indicates address on file)

Player Collectors
Adam Dunn-bunk27*
Albert Belle-rybowski97*
Albert Pujols-nlsn200*
Alcides Escobar-dbroockerd*(self and youngest daughter-Aubreigh)
Alex Gordon-Mikarlo*
Alfonso Soriano-Bazooka Joe*
Allen Craig-Atteberry*, Mikarlo*
Andre Ethier-minitracer*,totally sports*
Andrew McCutchen-rpspenner*,HeyFitzy*, x5ofspades*
Andruw Jones-dbroockerd(youngest son-Andruw)*
Andy Van Slyke-dontpray*
Anthony Rizzo-the hall*, rascrush*
Austin Jackson-Tlionsfan*
Barry Bonds-esa0315*
Barry Larkin-dbauer2*
Bernie Williams-Sports_Cards_Buffet*, ajcdj1012(fiance-Brooke)*, jtwellsnyy51188*
Billy Butler-dbroockerd(oldest daughter-Autumn, Youngest daughter-Aubreigh)*
Bo Jackson-chbbcardfan*
Brandon Webb-ryanmo5*
Brett Gardner-ajcdj1012(fiance-Brooke)*
Brett Lawrie-bmansell33*
Brian McCann-chipper4president*
Bronson Arroyo-Bustin 5 Knots*
Brooks Robinson-jtraven42*
Bryce Brentz-rascrush*
Bryce Harper-anthonymark31*
Buck O'Neil-dbroockerd*
Buster Posey-giants1957*
Cal Ripken Jr-jtraven42*
CC Sabathia-stera8*
Chipper Jones-chipper4president*, sesfan01,clintorris*
Chris Young-dbacksfan*
CJ Wilson-Drudkh*
Clayton Kershaw-totally sports*
Craig Biggio-aaron98*
Craig Kimbrel-BravesFanHankZ*
Dan Haren-dbacksfan*
Daniel Descalso-Atteberry23*
David Freese-Mikarlo*
David Justice-clintorris*
David Ortiz-rascrush*
David Wright-rybowski97*
Derek Jeter-beginesj(son-Christopher)*,totally sports*,HeyFitzy*,jeterfan5128*, ajcdj1012(fiance-Brooke)*,frozenace3356*,eharris3abc*, anthonymark31*
Don Mattingly-Echo7Bravo*
Dustin Ackley-Drudkh*
Elvis Andrus-pyr0punk*
Eric Byrnes-dbacksfan*
Eric Hosmer-dbroockerd(youngest daughter-Aubreigh)*, Mikarlo*
Evan Longoria-Drudkh*
Felix Hernandez-Drudkh*
Frank Thomas-dbroockerd*, ryanmo5*
Freddie Freeman-rybowski97*
Giancarlo Stanton-bmansell33*
Grady Sizemore-JRMdawg311*
Hunter Pence-rascrush*, JRMdawg311*
Ian Kennedy-ryanmo5*
Ian Kinsler-pyr0punk*
Jamie Garcia-Mikarlo*
Jason Giambi-ajcdj1012*
Jayson Heyward-BravesFanHankZ*,eharris3abc*,
Jeff Francoeur-dbroockerd*
Jeff Samardzija-the hall*
Jered Weaver-Drudkh*
Jim Thome-josiahcecil*
Joakim Soria-Mikarlo*
Joe Mauer-dbroockerd(oldest son-Austin)*
Jon Jay-Mikarlo*
Jorge Posada-matsuicollector*
Jose Canseco-grandam1697*
Jose Reyes-rybowski97*
Josh Hamilton-rascrush*
Justin Morneau-txviking*
Justin Verlander-uvaspina*, sfreinker*
JP Arencibia-grandam1697*
Ken Griffey Jr-ryanmo5*, rybowski97*
Kenny Lofton-rybowski97*
Kevin Youkilis-minitracer(girl friend)*
Kila Ka'aihue-dbroockerd*
Kyle Drabek-grandam1697*
Lance Berkman-aaron98*
Lance Lynn-Mikarlo*
Lou Brock-spazmatastic*
Luis Gonzalez-ryanmo5*, dbacksfan*
Manny Machado-sfreinker*
Manny Ramirez-ca4n6chuck(son)*
Mark Grace-josiahcecil*
Mark Trumbo-grandam1697*, Drudkh*
Matt Holliday-Atteberry23*
Matt Wieters-jtraven42*, sfreinker*
Michael Cuddyer-jaredhuizenga*
Michael Pineda-frozenace3356*
Mike Moustakas-Mikarlo*
Mike Trout-jaredhuizenga*, Drudkh*, bmansell33*
Mitch Moreland-msucollector4*
Neftali Feliz-pyr0punk*
Neil Walker-HeyFitzy*
Nick Swisher-ajcdj1012(fiance-Brooke)*, frozenace3356*
Nolan Ryan-acevanquish*
Ozzie Smith-spazmatastic*, Mikarlo*
Paul Goldschmidt-ryanmo5*
Paul Maholm-msucollector4*
Pedro Alvarez-HeyFitzy*
Pedro Martinez-Bever1992*
Phil Hughes-jtwellsnyy51188*
Phil Rizzuto-ajcdj1012*
Randy Johnson-dbacksfan*
Ricky Henderson-ca4n6chuck*
Ricky Romero-grandam1697*
Robinson Cano-mjanooz
Rookie Davis-beginesj*
Ryne Sandberg-josiahcecil*
Salvador Perez-dbroockerd(daughter-Aubreigh)*
Stan Musial-spazmatastic*
Starlin Castro-rybowski97(son)*
Trevot Plouffe-jaredhuizenga*
Tyler Greene-Atteberry23*
We Yin Chen-bmansell33*
Yadier Molina-jniere15*, Mikarlo*
Yu Darvish-bmansell33*

Team Collectors
Anaheim Angels-Drudkh*
Arizona Diamondbacks-ryanmo5*, dbacksfan*
Atlanta Braves-chipper4president*, bravesfanatic1*, msucollector4*, sesfan01, clintorris*
Baltimore Orioles-jtraven42*, sfreinker*
Brooklyn Dodgers-rpspenner*
Chicago Whitesox-totally sports(child)*
Cincinatti Reds-dbauer2*, MoveNsilencE*
Cleveland Indians-nlsn200*, rybowski97(son)*
Detroit Tigers-Tlionsfan*, Drudkh*, sfreinker*
Houston Astros-aaron98*
LA Dodgers-minitracer*, totally sports*
KC Royals-dbroockerd(family collection)*, chbbcardfan(88-95 only)*
Minnesota Twins-txviking*
New York Yankees-HeyFitzy*, jeterfan5128*, ajcdj1012*,bunk27*, stera8
Oakland A's-x5ofspades*
Philidelphia A's-Phillies_Joe*
Philidelphia Phillies-Phillies_Joe*
Pittsburgh Pirates-kleinmu*,HeyFitzy*
San Francisco Giants-JRMdawg311*
Seattle Mariners-Drudkh*
StL Cardinals-cardsfest*, jniere15*, Atteberry23*, Spazmatastic*
Tampa Bay Rays-damandan28*
Texas Rangers-pyr0punk*, Crazyforkinsler5*
Toronto Blue Jays-grandam1697*, x5ofspades*
[Image: broockerd_zpsd0d55e86.png]
Kila Ka'aihue 133/138 Non 1/1s (96% complete) 13/64 1/1s (19% complete)
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RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
I collect any Bonds cards I do not have.Great Idea.
I have a whole bunch of duplicate Bonds cards I could give away,as I don't really need them.
I believe you already have my address,unless you still need it.
I have more cards lying around just for fillers,I'll need to check.

Don't trade with list:dorkypunkrockerguy,newbieredsfan

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
I like it put me down for Cardinals.
Looking for Cardinal Autos, Kaleb Cowart, Sweet Spot Autos


[Image: 004-1.jpg]

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
You could put me down for Yadier Molina, and the Cardinals also.

Thanks, this is a great idea.

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
Put me down for the my beloved buccos.

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
Put me down for Dbacks, Ken Griffey Jr and Frank Thomas please! This is such a great idea, the cards I don't want I usually throw away so if I can give them to someone who will appreciate them I'm all for it!
[Image: drdwe0.jpg]

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
all you guys added, thanks
[Image: broockerd_zpsd0d55e86.png]
Kila Ka'aihue 133/138 Non 1/1s (96% complete) 13/64 1/1s (19% complete)
Auto Needs: http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1529244.html

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
Great Idea! Please put me down for Grady Sizemore, the Indians and the Giants. Thanks!
I agree with esa0315. Its seems like people would have the most to give away from duplicates of their own PC's and TC's. I know I have a few extra Belt's I've accumulated with my PC of him.

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
This has been done on another site I've been on and everyone really enjoyed it! I'm up for Jorge Posada. Do you still have my address?
Collecting everything of Jorge Posada, especially these:

97 Flair Row 0 Legacy /100
97 Pinnacle Totally Certified Gold /30
97 Score Reserve (etched foil)
99 Bowman Chrome International Ref /100
99 Skybox Thunder Super Rave /25
03, 04, 10 Topps Black
08 Heritage Chrome Black Ref
07 & 08 Topps M&M

RE: FREE CARDS - gift thread...please read
Yes everyone needs to send an address so I don't have to dig through old trades please.
[Image: broockerd_zpsd0d55e86.png]
Kila Ka'aihue 133/138 Non 1/1s (96% complete) 13/64 1/1s (19% complete)
Auto Needs: http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1529244.html

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