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Huge Trade Thread--Scan Heavy
I am really looking to put together a full team set of 2012 for my upcoming child. I have all of the base , regular inserts, and autos, but I need help with the relics, black bordered (I have 2-Garza and Castro), and gold sparkles. Also, I'll take a gander at any Cubs or Ripkens that catch my eye. Thanks for the look.

[Image: scan0023.jpg]

[Image: scan0024.jpg]

[Image: scan0025.jpg]

[Image: scan0026.jpg]

[Image: scan0027.jpg]

[Image: scan0028.jpg]

[Image: scan0029.jpg]

[Image: scan0030.jpg]

[Image: scan0031.jpg]

[Image: scan0032.jpg]

Here's some more

[Image: scan0033.jpg]

[Image: scan0034.jpg]

[Image: scan0035.jpg]

[Image: scan0036.jpg]

[Image: scan0037.jpg]
Looking for Ripken, Sandberg, and Starlin Castro.
I like the Holliday nameplate, what would you have to have for that?
Love that Robinson, but dont think i have any cubbies left haha.

Ill check through my gold sparkles when i get home, if i have any cubs theyare yours for free. Ill pm ya when i check.
[Image: n0Ji6.png]
open offer sent. heres some of the stuff you might be interested in.

[Image: scan0254.jpg][Image: scan0231.jpg][Image: scan0170.jpg][Image: scan0181.jpg]
[Image: banner-2-1.jpg]
Got some good offers I'm going through now. Does anyone have any 2012 Cubs Silk, Black, or Relic that they're willing to part with. I'd even open up my Cubs/Ripken PC for the right offer.
Looking for Ripken, Sandberg, and Starlin Castro.
some good looking stuff there. I sent an open offer
[Image: AkusBT4.jpg]
To keep up with me on social media, follow me on Instagram and facebook: sparklingcitysportscards
i saw you have a 05 topps retired santo auto. i would open up my castro pc for it if your interested..

prolly these two.. the tribute might be a little harder to get
[Image: scan0063.jpg]
[Image: scan0152.jpg]
[Image: banner-2-1.jpg]
Please check me for the Longoria sketch card thanks
[Image: IconmsBannerFinal3.jpg]
you can check me for the topps eckersley auto
Matt Holliday Refractors -75/162 - 46.3%
2006 UC Ensemble Triple Auto 69/87 - 79.0%
2007 UD Future Stars Triple Auto 11/18 - 61.0%
2007 SS Dual Auto Brwn Glv/Blk Ink 7/34 - 20.5%
[Image: TXqak.png]
offer sent for longo sketch card...i have a ton of castros i just marked ft ....if you have any autos of the players in my sig not listed let me know, thanks

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