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Anfernee Penny Hardaway 2014 Maildays (94-95 Cornerstone Test Ref) +++

RE: Anfernee Penny Hardaway 2014 Maildays (94-95 Cornerstone Test Ref) +++
(03-23-2014, 11:22 AM)nickm1123 Wrote: I really like the Test Refractor. How exactly did these get produced? My assumption is that they were like a promo or a prototype of some sort? How did they get to the public if they were not inserted into packs?

Thanks bro! Rumor is these were decided not to be released into the product for whatever reason (my guess is budget) Meaning there is probably a very limited supply - What was supposed to be destroyed or whatever managed to survive slipped into the packs.The lottery Prize cards seem to show up more often than the Cornerstones so there may be a very low number of them.I myself have seen 3 or 4 LP test Penny's now and 2 Cornerstone test Penny's over my whole tenure of collecting.The only other Penny Cornerstone test I seen was just an image floating around on the next over 10 years ago and a fellow collector made sure to save the image and share it.Nobody knows who possibly owns that particular card.I have the only Penny Cornerstone test that us Penny collectors know of so it's a very special card for sure!

(03-23-2014, 10:54 PM)buckunteer Wrote: For the Lottery Prize/Cornerstone test refractors it's still a bit of a mystery. It's likely there are less of them than the mystery test refractors that did slip into packs in 95-96 though.

I also have an update on my attempt to acquire the Mitch from that guy. I sent a full bv offer and he says that he has sold commons for $250. I guess if a player collector HAD to have it that's plausible, seems crazy though. Since Mitch is a semistar/star he wants north of that, which is just way way more than I can pay (that's like 2 months' budget for a starving grad student lol). So I will just wait a couple years til another surfaces I guess!

Commons in his mind are the only 2 he has managed to sell which are the

Mahamad abdu-rauf (spelling? lol) $300

Donyell Marshall - $250

This is what I don't care for in the world of flipping as you will? He knows nearly every 90's player has a collector or 2 so they are going to sell but at this point he is holding them hostage and trying to milk the for every cent he can.I am already over that Penny LP test he has because he is not getting nothing from me.I offered him $200 as soon as I seen him land it hoping he would be happy with a quick double of money...Obviously him and I were galaxy's a part regarding prices which is totally fine with me.He can continue to sit on all of his $$$ if he chooses to do so.
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