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PO'd at the PO
02-05-2013, 06:35 PM
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PO'd at the PO
So i made a huge trade where i was going to be reciveing 50+ cards for my set building needs and according to the USPS DC# it was del on 1/31/13. i only looked to check it on 2/1/13 as it seemed it was taking a while. i go to the PO the next day and the guy was helpful, he looked all over the place but couldnt find it. he said he'd check with the carrier who wasnt in until later that day and that he would call me back. he then called back later as promised, but stating that the carrier was off that day and would be there monday.

monday came and i did not reciecive a call and went there after work. the guy i was being helped by had left already for the day so another sup helped by doing everything the first one did. no luck. he said to call tommorow and ask for him.

today i call and the # was ringing busy on my lunch breadk so i went there after work again. he had already left and as the 2nd sup i talked to on monday told me now that the 1st sup leaves at 2pm and then did nothing.

sucks because i'm almost certain i will never see these cards and it was a huge chunk of my set and im out the cards i traded away too.

also, i have a seperate trade in which the items were marked delievered on beckett by the trader on 2/2/13 and they still havent sent there end.

im really not off to a good start for 2013!!!!!

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02-05-2013, 06:51 PM
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RE: PO'd at the PO
Don't lose hope. Just received cards that got sent out in a trade back in October of 2012. They were also all still in mint condition surprisingly.

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02-05-2013, 08:49 PM
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RE: PO'd at the PO
Sorry man. But as northflacards said, they could still arrive.

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