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October Customer Appreciation Month! We appreciate you!
10-15-2012, 03:38 PM
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RE: October Customer Appreciation Month! We appreciate you!
(10-15-2012 02:43 PM)kris714 Wrote:  boy i really hope i win something. i have had a really rough 4 years my job was eliminated. i been having a hard time finding work. i am at my wits end it is making me feel like i am not needed or good enough for anything. last week was the last draw i went to try and get a psych and applied for food stamps. i really wish i would win something to pick up my spirits. i am really missing the one thing i truely enjoy in life opening hockey packs and collecting autographs. i am really limited on resources. i still get a few cards here and there but my collection has taken a major hit and it depresses me cause i could of had stuff i really want if i still had my job and i can't really afford to see the awsome new cards. i still haven't won yet but i am still keep my chin up that i might have some luck. i really love beckett for this contest. i am praying each nite for some good luck.


Not to be unsympathetic, but was it really necessary to post that twice? I feel bad that you're going through a bad time and I hope you win something, but I'm pretty sure the drawings are random. The people who run this aren't going to read your story and say, "Damn, this dude's at his wits end. Let's hook him up!" C'mon man!

Currently collect: NON-SERIAL NUMBERED autos, Topps, and Topps Chrome cards of players in Bengals uniforms.
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