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THE GOOD TRADER LIST ~ check here along with "looking for" thread ~
10-07-2011, 08:48 AM
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RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated SEPT 24th / 2011
I see valid points in what lump posted... after two deals you dont know.... of course, there have been quite a few on here that after MANY trades have gone to the dark side... we dont have a set of objectives that need to be met in order to get on this list... Someone who is on it essentially suggests someone else they trust. I have traded with bpap twice and a third is in the works.. he has given me no reason NOT to vouch for him...

I understand him wanting to be on the list.. I did too.. I never said anything, because I figured eventually someone would suggest me, and they did [thanks to both sconnie and usafhelland]. I was happy when I finally made the list... I want him to be too.. This should be about us helping each other... I understand being cautious about people when we have probably all gotten ripped off at least once, but benefit of the doubt can go a long way... Members make this list by our suggestion, and even the most respected traders have vouched for a dud now and again.

Since we do not have a specific set of objectives that need to be met to make this list like amount of trades, amount of trades made with "good" traders or time as members [lots of us could be disqualified with this variable - even a year as a member isn't a long time making good trades IMO], we have to just hope that the members we suggest will be honest traders. We have a bad traders list with a lot of demographic information on past bad traders that we can use as a guideline to hopefully weed out that bad ones. I do not make a deal based off someone saying this person is a good trader, but I do double check locations with the bad traders list to try to verify the person I am trading with!

No disrespect at all intended by any of this to any members, I have been trading for around a year and this has been an awesome site with great members and I have built up a nice collection [which I am about to start showing off here in a minute!]. I'm looking forward to being a more visible member on the football forums and making some more trades!

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Needs List: http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1483707.html
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RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated SEPT 24th / 2011 - nickfromcwe - 10-07-2011 08:48 AM

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