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THE GOOD TRADER LIST ~ check here along with "looking for" thread ~
08-16-2011, 07:13 AM
Post: #264
RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated July 28 / 2011
(05-29-2011 07:06 PM)chibearsboy Wrote:  OK folks.. i want to have a list of good traders... ones I TRUST...and YOU TRUST...
add at any time and i will update..i have some real good friends here and i'm sure you do too..ADD THEM please.
i would love to know some more i can trade with and still sleep at night..
And i know we all dont get along all the time,RIGHT?...THIS IS A "TRUST" list..not a "LIKE" list...OK?... although i like all on my list...some might not

these are the members i would buy a used car from sight unseen...i trust them that much.
in no particular order and i have traded with most of these fine people..or they are just a class act.. that simple

and PLEASE...NO rude comments from the peanut gallery.. it is JUST A LIST OF GOOD FOLKS TO TRADE WITH...


HERE IS THE LIST IN ORDER....A-Z ( THANKS spazmatastic! ) well done!

0264roadrunner1964 (also by mik253 ,gadsden86)
all day baby (also by soccerscrub, wavytiger1975, waynetalger ,quobbinnobbin )
Bakerman8419 (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, spazmatastic, wavytiger1975 ,jncdrew )
bigt314 (also by waynetalger, itsdagooch)
blaze92585 (also by jncdrew)
Budmademewizer (also by qbcollectorlionsfan, jncdrew )
cybertrenz02 (also by patsfan129 )
dabears1985 (also by deuce6000)
daytonator (also by deuce6000, wavytiger1975, jncdrew )
deuce6000 (also by , quobbinnobbin, jncdrew ,martywood74)
dloegsw (also by tracy08606)
floydtown (also by gangstippie , spazmatastic,
wavytiger1975, mcleodfive, jncdrew, jfrench91)
itsdagooch (also by mik253 ,jncdrew )
jallwine1 (by soccerscrub)
jncdrew (also by deuce6000, jfrench91 )
koolkellygirl (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, mrmagnum75, mrfcc ,jncdrew ,martywood74)
lambeaulegend4 (also by deuce6000, jncdrew )
Mik253 (also by wavytiger1975, jncdrew )
Mrgonzodad (also by mik253 ,jncdrew)
nineof (also by mik253)
packerbkd ( also by jncdrew)
pbean (also by deuce6000 ,jncdrew, wavytiger1975 )
phoenixrising34 (also by soccer scrub, spazmatastic, mik253)
rickywilliams34 (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, spazmatastic, mik253, by jncdrew)
ripkenfan72 (also by and spazmatastic, tracy08606, waynetalger ,mrfcc ,jncdrew)
sensei322 (also by mik253, Marinoisking)
stefanjwhite (also by mik253)
thegreat48 (also by spazmatastic, the shadow, tracy08606, wavytiger1975, quobbinnobbin, jfrench91)
titan fan
younglover (also by wavytiger1975 ,mik253)

7whodey (by dwegner1)
ascheufele ( by quobbinnobbin)
asuchris (by soccerscrub)
beatles guy (by spazmatastic)
believenblue (by deuce6000)
Biglump007 (by deuce6000, jncdrew ,martywood74)
blaynero (by spazmatastic, tracy08606, quobbinnobbin , chibearsboy)
branesergen (by biglump007, wavytiger1975 ,jncdrew )
broo42 (by soccerscrub)
calvin t rink (by quobbinnobbin)
cam73 (by mrfcc, martywood74))
ceocards (by jsonnentag, spazmatastic, usafshelland)
chibearsboy (by deuce6000, pbean ,waynetalger ,mik253 ,jncdrew )
cox1781 (by wavytiger1975)
cutlett (by dwegner1, spazmatastic)
crazyforkinsler5, (by mrfcc, quobbinnobbin)
dannyr129 (by koolkellygirl)
demondukk (by deuce6000)
dlswmla ( by quobbinnobbin)
douginc (by spazmatastic)
dragik (by mrfcc, jfrench91)
drobinson23mvp (by dabears 1985)
dspainjr (by spazmatastic)
dublup (by ripkenfan72)
dwegner (by mik253)
ebelvin ( by martywood74)
evolb909 (by dwegner1, spazmatastic)
favrebacker4life (by mrfcc)
favrecollector4 (by koolkellygirl)
fbcking (by mik253)
fbqueen (by shigfrag)
flcardinals29528 (by deuce6000, and spazmatastic, mcleodfive)
ft28jags (by raider34990 ,ebelvin, jfrench91)
gamblers heaven (by dwegner1)
gangstippie (by spazmatastic, tracy08606)
giantfan270 (by deuce6000)
gopwarrior (by gangstippie, pbean)
gottabe (by mik253)
Hardcount32 (by Mrgonzodad)
hurdygurdyman (by quobbinnobbin)
hotplugs (by tracy08606)
iEagles (by ejnfl24)
jallwine1 (by soccerscrub)
jboedicker (by pbean, qbcollectorlionsfan)
jdubbs10 (by bigt314)
jennings85collector (by the shadow)
jfrench91 (by jncdrew)
jheringa09 (by pbean, tracy08606)
jlp1976 (by raider34990)
jmessick86 (by dwegner1, tracy08606)
jrlebert (by raider34990)
jsonnentag (by wavytiger1975)
junko0138934 (by gangstippie)
crazyforkinsler5 (by martywood74)
lpearce7 (by rs20, quobbinnobbin)
mattfastiggi (by biglump007)
mblackmore (by Mrgonzodad)
mecooncat (by pbean, quobbinnobbin, martywood74)
megatron1764 (by jncdrew)
megatronford (by pbean)
micorps (by mik253, jncdrew )
mickey7mantle7 (by soccerscrub)
mikeandshirl ( by ricky williams 34)
mjmj1966 (by jncdrew)
montanaCollector1619 (by koolkellygirl, chibearsboy)
mooncricket916 (by gangstippie, shigfrag, quobbinnobbin)
monsterx (by deuce6000)
mpc2876 (by jncdrew)
mrhurtado (by koolkellygirl, tracy08606)
osujeffrey (by deuce6000, jncdrew)
oumike83 (by raider34990)
packerbackerdd (by pbean, wavytiger1975, jncdrew)
Patsfan129 (by cybertrenz02)
philly eagle in az (by deuce6000)
pretz (by spazmatastic)
qbcollectorslionsfan ( by jncdrew)
quobbinnobbin (by mrfcc)
REBEL74 (by raider34990)
redskins316 ( by jncdrew)
rgf17 (by biglump007, qbcollectorlionsfan, patsfan129 ,martywood74 )
rifdog22 (by mcleodfive )
rimcdonald (by bigt314, dwegner1)
rkyrocrat (by wavytiger1975)
rogue656 (by deuce6000 ,jncdrew ,martywood74 and apparently everyone)
rs20 (by dabears 1985)
scollignon (by quobbinnobbin)
sconnienation3 (by pbean, wavytiger1975)
SharonBoston (by Mrgonzodad)
shigfrag (by martywood74 )
snailmonk (by jncdrew)
spazmatastic (by gangstippie, ripkenfan72)
steelersnation28 ( by jncdrew, martywood74))
stevenbailey84 ( by Mik)
stevca (by quobbinnobbin)
stocktonkevin (by quobbinnobbin)
sufi1983 (by gangstippie)
thecardboardfan (by soccer scrub, spazmatastic)
the shadow (by pbean)
toohod (by jncdrew)
tone81 (by Mrgonzodad, martywood74)
tracy08606 (by gangstippie, spazmatastic, jncdrew)
troyatc20 (by quobbinnobbin)
wavytiger1975 (by martywood74)
whovrr (by soccerscrub)
wiser (by wavytiger1975)
wtsjr (by wavytiger1975)
xxbigjohn79xx (by bselje, mcleodfive, jfrench91)

how can i get added. thnks. johjn

main interest are stl cardinals n stl rams
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