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THE GOOD TRADER LIST ~ check here along with "looking for" thread ~
07-05-2011, 06:10 PM
Post: #191
RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated June 26 / 2011
(07-05-2011 10:30 AM)ceocards Wrote:  When things get heated like that, we delete a lot of posts to get rid of the negativity. I deleted a lot of posts too that weren't themselves bad, but quoted offending posts.

Unless you hear from one of us, a post getting deleted in and of itself is nothing to worry about. If you get a warning or suspension based on posts, we'll let you know.

Best course of action though is to ignore the trolls and just let one of us know what's going on (you can hit the 'report post' button or PM one of us). That way we can cut stuff off before it gets heated and someone might say something that will cause them other issues.

thanks ceocards. if i would have just kept my yap shut and buzzed one of you fella's first, i'm sure this could have ended sooner.
sorry about that.
i didnt want any issues with this thread even though i knew there might be with some.
all i wanted is some accountability when me or another member sez " ah yea,they are a good member here. i trust them"
...more or less in print where everyone can see it. feedback doesnt really say everything about a trader...."getting your cards" does not mean the other party was a "good trader" they might have took forever to arrive,not in the condition advertised or was a complete jerk after accepted trade...who knows?....
but i do NEED to know here.....
i know a guy in cyber world that trades all the time,everywhere.....gets what he wants and then some..the other traders are happy most of the time..most....BUT.. he takes advantage of new collectors,collectors PC's and their wants/needs, and set people....so he gets WAY more than an honest person who likes to sleep at night ever could...
that is NOT a "good trader" ...or a person who will EVER be on this list if i can help it...
: )
~~~~~~ my definition ~~~~~~~
"good trader" = helpful,honest,fair,caring and protects our hobby from the trolls and trash....

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RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated June 26 / 2011 - chibearsboy - 07-05-2011 06:10 PM

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