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~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
12-23-2010, 02:40 PM
Post: #171
~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
THE GREAT 48 Wrote:
JHerinGA09 Wrote:
THE GREAT 48 Wrote:Looks like the boys had fun man. <br />
Thats one helluva time...Football...Xmas lights...funnel cakes...Popeyes!!<br />
<br />
Don't forget, FIREWORKS!
<br />
Im very sorry to forget the fireworks, post was edited. <img alt="emoticon" src="http://beta.beckett.com/css/default/images/Emoticon/4.GIF" align="middle" border="0" complete="complete" /> I loves me some fireworks.<br />
I think I was too focused on that dang funnel cake, lol.
<br />
Hey Will... I was going to mail it off to whoever's next... I think Wendy's next, BUT I was thinking about taking them to the club on new year's eve and have a buncha beautiful women hold them for pics!<br />
<img alt="emoticon" src="http://beta.beckett.com/css/default/images/Emoticon/39.GIF" align="middle" border="0" /> eh... I better send them on their way before they get lost in the club.

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~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~ - JHerinGA09 - 12-23-2010 02:40 PM

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