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Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)

RE: Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)
Thanks to a couple of great traders today for some beauties. The Goldie came from my man in Maine Telattt and the others came from my first trade with Wordsense. Beautiful cards guys. Also picked up a few boxes of Museum. Nothing mind blowing, but I got some nice pulls
[Image: IMG_20150421_190104_zpsxk6qpjd0.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190200_zpsemqwk0ks.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190226_zpscvjta4yg.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190258_zpstli21oq2.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190327_zpsoj9zbhbe.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190356_zpsamd11ojh.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190427_zpsupy8cu8p.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190451_zpsoj8sr1ub.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190518_zps6wl6thz9.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190547_zpssy4tlpzg.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190609_zpslolcd3mz.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190636_zpscp0aa5xk.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190724_zps99asikzx.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190822_zps5vzgwqt2.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_190933_zpshvwnlsir.jpg] [Image: IMG_20150421_191021_zpsbkdpwigs.jpg]
For those of you looking, I just added my Museum base to my org.

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