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Panini Prizm's

RE: Panini Prizm's
(04-27-2013, 01:50 PM)Optimus_Prime Wrote: I am not a football collector but came across some Panini Prizm's.
I'm a hockey guy so when i see a rainbow reflection, I know its a Refractor.

However, Looking up the prizm brand, If it is a Panini Prizm Prizm, Am i to assume that means its the refractor, (the rainbow background?)

sorry for the totally obvious question, but i do not collect football and want to make sure they are tagged right so when i trade them away i do not send somebody the wrong card.

Correct, the Panini Prizm Prizms is Paninis version of the Refractor basically. An example for confirmation

Panini Prizm
[Image: dbf9dbdd-f6d9-4f6a-b189-8551a22ab706_zpsd1a2c39e.jpg]

Panini Prizm Prizms
[Image: 5abeee63-2375-46f7-985b-d40402923d29_zps51bec852.jpg]
[Image: flo.jpg]
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