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11/21 Mailday a huge lot and an Emerald
11-25-2012, 07:43 PM (This post was last modified: 11-25-2012 07:50 PM by collinsfanatic.)
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RE: 11/21 Mailday a huge lot and an Emerald
(11-22-2012 01:52 PM)0264 roadrunner1964 Wrote:  Real nice Emerald addition. Patch should have been nicer, but those don't come around often.

Thanks bud!! Just glad to knock it off of my list.
(11-22-2012 02:24 PM)warcraftin Wrote:  Sweet Pickups!

Thank you!
(11-22-2012 04:50 PM)nineof Wrote:  Great Certified Emerald card addition. Know what you mean about the patch, but you can always upgrade later. The important thing is to get one for your pc first. Wink This is why I think card companies don't even look at the cards they produce. A non-collector would look at that and think it's wrong to have a 1-color jersey piece for a super low print run card. I digress...

Good work on the lot too. Dig die-cuts.

Thanks bud and I know exactly what you mean. Just glad to knock off another really short printed card off of the list.

I love my die cuts you know that!!!
(11-22-2012 10:55 PM)koolkellygirl Wrote:  Nice pick-ups. Still amazed there's anything out there for you to get!

Thanks Kel and yes there is still a bunch that I need.
(11-23-2012 03:46 AM)mooncricket916 Wrote:  Still a nice card even if it is a white patch. I just got an elway /10 that was a plain white too so it happens I guess.

Thanks and yes it happens way more than it should.

Finally Completed!!!
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