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Grading vs Non Grading
11-22-2012, 02:07 AM
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RE: Grading vs Non Grading
(11-21-2012 03:29 AM)jpleazme805 Wrote:  I think graded cards for vintage is good or high end... but grading cards under $100 is not much worth it...

I do not understand why people get low dollar (under $50) cards graded.. cost of grading is sometimes more than the card itself...

If you try to send in all your card, you will be paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars just for grading... in my opinion, just not worth it...

some big time dealers send in tons of cheap cards to get graded, then turn around & try to sell them at $20 each... even when they sell for a few dollars raw...

Graded cards do look good, but then again, they also look good in onetouch magnetic cases... I seen some graded slabs that have been scatched or the labels appear like they are falling off... I always thought if the label didn't look right or was crooked, it was a bad attempt to break the slab or alter it.. I hate when cases get scratched, therefore all my cases, including toploaders, have penny-sleeves around them to protect from scratching....


I don't mean to offend ppl who are for grading their cards, this is just 1 man's opinion. But I think graded cards are just a gimmick. Like you said, "they also look good in one-touch magnetic cases". I definitely agree. I think grading cards is just a way for other businesses to make further money in our hobby. But I mean I understand on 1 end the people who want to authenticate a card and have it graded. It's just I don't understand the point to have other cards graded, imho, you're just wasting more money, man. And now look it, there are threads & comments on here about card grading being shady/suspect. Trimming cards, paying under the table for high grades etc. etc. I hope it's not true but the part about ppl paying for higher grades, that happens just about everywhere. That will always happen whether you like it or not. I also don't think there should be such a premium to buy graded cards (not that I do, I'm talking in general here). Why should someone else have to pay so much because YOU decided to put more money into your card, it's not the buyer's fault for this. And some people think their graded card is like x3 or x4 the value vs. being raw. It's ridiculous, imo.

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