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HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
10-04-2012, 03:58 PM
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RE: HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
1. is craig biggio a hall of famer. i would say yes. not a first ballot, but maybe a few years yes. 3,000 hits players always make the hall. not to mention, he was a 4 time gold glove second baseman. he'll be in the hall, but maybe after the first 2 years.
2. is jeff bagwell a hall of famer. back in the early 90s it was the killer bees. bagwell, biggio, bell. its hard not to believe that bags wouldnt be in the hall. over 400 home runs. again, i dont see him as a first ballot, maybe a few years on the ballot. the 90s was such a "damaged" era with the steriod era, id see him in the hall before id see mcgwire, bonds, palmario.
3. is rafael palmario a hall of famer. 3,000 hits. 500 home runs. that is an amazing feat.that being said, he should be in the hall. yes the steroid era tarnished his career. plus he didnt help himself in front of the senate commitee. like all the others, bonds, clemens, mcgwire, eventually they will make the hall, but its gonna be a long, long, time. bags and biggio will be in the hall before these guys will.
4. does bert blyleving belong in the hall. 3,000 strikeouts. 16 pitchers have done it. and it may not happen again. so the answer is, yes. he belongs there. as does smoltz and maddux.
5.frank thomas. my all time favorite player. 5 time all star. 2 time mvp. comeback player of the year. .301 career batting average. over 500 home runs. 1600 walks. thats right, he was walked over 1600 times in his career. he was the most feared hitter in baseball in the 90s. he wasnt the best fielder, but he could hit. the white sox also had robin ventura at the time. a pretty nice 1 2 punch in anyones line up. theres no doubt that frank is a first time hall of famer. and i think, he might be on the ballot next year.
well theres my opinion. thanks for the post.
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