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pictures in listing of sets
08-16-2012, 10:07 PM
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RE: pictures in listing of sets
I am all for the pics/scans showing up when searching/reviewing a set...

I know Beckett Employees do not have the manpower to screen all picture uploads... therefore they should entrust the Mods to do it for them.. maybe make a requirement, that MODS have to screen 100 uploads a month.. It helps in the long run.. or entrust senior/respected traders/bloggers that use Beckett.

I have over 800 cards that I just scanned over the last few weekends that I would like to upload under my organization. I would love for others to view pictures of my collection if they click on a certain card's page.

I uploaded three pics today, first one looked like it worked (Limited 2009-10 Blake Griffin #151 /299), but the 2nd two had problems. once I hit the save button, the page returned to the upload screen... I do not want to waste my time trying to upload hundreds of pictures if they cannot be seen by others. Beckett organization is a place to keep track of your cards, upload scans, & show off your collection.. if they are for trade/sell.. or you just want to show them off!! I would like to see other people's cards that they uploaded... I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE MY TIME UPLOADING CARDS IF NOBODY CAN SEE THEM!!

see thread regarding upload problems: http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-151...pid2096548

picture upload approval thread??? http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-1505845.html
Beckett Leadership should of thought of this a few years ago... it is an easy process. Let Beckett members approve pictures.. those members that upload the wrong pictures or unauthorized pictures (i.e. pics that are not of cards) will get minus points or be banned.. enough minus points (warnings) they are banned. Make it a requirement for everybody to approve 25-50 pics a month.. similar to those "rate my pic" websites that popped up everywhere in the last 10 years...

Today's collectors want to show off their collections and/or progress of their set and/or collecting progress!!

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