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Words in have column problem
08-04-2012, 06:10 PM
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RE: Words in have column problem
I think you can only have 100 cards listed, if you do not pay for an OPG subscription... I've had my subscription since 2008.. but have thought about deactivating it.. it's not worth the price.. I've slowed down on my card buying & do not trade/sell very often...

I have not read about the 100 card policy myself, but this is what other Beckett members have said in the basketball forums..

William... I hope you can get your folders back.. that was a lot of hours adding that many cards.. It has taken me a few years to get 5,000+ cards added.. I've stopped adding so many cards, because of problems before & do not have the time to sit in front of a computer that many hours.. I spend too many as it is on the computer at work...

Problem I have is adding complete sets to a folder in my org, then when I go update the quantities for cards I have, some of them do not show up in my folder, but do show up under my organization "all collections"... sucks!! (set I am having problems with is Chronology 2007-08 basketball base set 1-100.. 12 cards do not show up under my folder, even though I know I added them to the correct folder.... until I can get that fixed, I am not adding new cards... just updating quantities for previously added cards or deleting those that I have sold on ebay.

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