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~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
01-05-2012, 06:26 PM
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RE: ~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
Well here's what pics came out using my cell camera.

Getting packed for the trip from Cali to Idaho
[Image: 2011-12-15_14-44-43_824.jpg]

Primm Casino at State Line Nevada
[Image: 2011-12-18_13-24-02_541.jpg]

Quick stop at a slot machine hoping for some luck. Not this time.
[Image: 2011-12-15_22-20-41_511.jpg]

Nevada snow. This stop the temp was 2 degrees. And don't worry I made sure F&R were safe from snow. I cleared a spot so they wouldn't get wet.
[Image: 2011-12-16_02-34-30_271.jpg]

And one random stop that I wish the pics of F&R witht the sign would have came out better but didn't. So here's the sign minus F&R. But they were there.
[Image: IMG953059.jpg]

Wish more of the pics would've come out better or at all for that atter but when you only have a cell phone to take pics with you get what you get I guess.

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~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~ - RN Collectibles - 08-04-2010, 01:42 PM

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