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Supercollector thread
04-02-2012, 04:21 PM
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RE: Supercollector thread
this comment/decsription is SPOT on. If the goal is to get more people/traffic to the site, the more added to keep peolpe here the better..
(03-30-2012 08:03 AM)jpleazme805 Wrote:  Super Collector title is something to strive for. I like the voting.. or at least verifying of collections before handing out the title.. Think everybody should be able to show off their PC, but there should be a criteria to get a super collector title... percentage of cards is a good start, but not really what makes a super collector in my opinion.

I would like to see a link in collectors signatures to go to their Super Collector PC/inventory/scans page. Also, a thread or function that can search for collector's collections by user name, player, set, ect... also be able to search by dollar value, or by page of just the pictures of cards.. I'd be able to scroll through 30-50 small pictures to see what cards are in the collector's collection...

Photobucket & other picture sites are cool & a big help, but Beckett should try to get more collectors to use Beckett website, not photobucket or others.. the goal is to get as many collectors to utilize this site.. by having scans easily uploaded directly to the inventory data record for their own collection is a big plus. Right now, we can upload our own pictures to our own inventory, but it kind of hard to see other's collections.

I get frustrated when searching for cards I need & it being time consuming to update my inventory or upload pictures.. I have lately been giving up. I don't have that much time to add cards from a set one at a time, then going back into my subfolder to add the quantity.. also, adding pictures takes forever, even though it is a lot faster than before.. doing it one at a time is too time consuming... most collectors probably utilize Beckett 2-3 times a week, while those dedicated collectors or people that just want to discus sports or look at box breaks are on daily.. I for one am on daily.. I usually keep my CPU logged onto the site all day.. at least when I am at home.

If all members of Beckett added pictures of their cards & were able to connect a serial number to the scan, it would make Beckett a whole lot better. I think it would bring back a lot of those collectors that have left the site & bring new collectors, if advertised properly.. Adding a card to Beckett, means being able to connect that picture to the inventory record. Therefore I would not have to label all the cards I added to photobucket. Collectors would be able to search & find my cards... even if I am not interested in trading/selling that card, at least they know where it is, so they don't have to keep looking for it..

Beckett website should be the sole source for keeping track of your collection.

I know Beckett has probably lost money over the last half decade, either collectors deciding they are not interested in cardboard any longer... they lost interest in the Magazine (I know I have, since they stopped the monthly single sport mag & since I am paying for OPG, I no longer need the magazine to view prices. Have to save money in todays economy, so I can buy more cards). Some collectors say that the OPG is too expensive & not worth it, but adding the ability to quickly upload your collection & show it off might bring more people to the site. Include the picture upload with the current OPG price.. don't increase the monthly/yearly subscription... I for one would discontinue paying if it was raised any more...

I know my comments are a ramble, but thank you for reading & thank you for your time.

I am a Jordan Farmar - Super Collector http://photobucket.com/farmar
** let me know if you have any of the three missing letters I need.. all are 1/1 or /3 "CITYNAME" version

[Image: SPA0809_VARSITYLETTERSSET.jpg][Image: BYNUMLETTERS.jpg] I have the "A" fullname, just need to scan & update pic.
[Image: BYNUM_cityname.jpg]

Matt Holliday Refractors -75/162 - 46.3%
2006 UC Ensemble Triple Auto 69/87 - 79.0%
2007 UD Future Stars Triple Auto 11/18 - 61.0%
2007 SS Dual Auto Brwn Glv/Blk Ink 7/34 - 20.5%
[Image: TXqak.png]
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