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Trade/Organize Problem.
Trade/Organize Problem.
Trying to close a deal...
it says "awaiting response to offer" and it gives me no other option except "cancel trade".

Does this mean the other end has cancelled or something?
I mean I literally can't do anything except CANCEL.

RE: Trade/Organize Problem.
That means that it is on your trade partner's side.
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RE: Trade/Organize Problem.
If you're waiting on the other person to respond, all you can do is wait or cancel. They have to respond to your offer before you can do anything else.

RE: Trade/Organize Problem.
It means you sent it and your just waiting.
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RE: Trade/Organize Problem.
Hmm, strange. I sent them the original offer... saying I found stuff I wanted from them (along with adding them to the trade) and asking them if they would please check and see if I had anything they wanted. Now there are cards listed they want from me. Wouldn't that mean they countered the offer and the ball should be in my court?

Thanks for the replies. We'll see what happens.
...and sorry if I'm jumping the gun with questions, it's still new to me.

RE: Trade/Organize Problem.
They can add cards they want, and they will show. But they have not sent it back to you yet.

RE: Trade/Organize Problem.
(09-02-2011, 09:22 AM)bosoxfan1971 Wrote: They can add cards they want, and they will show. But they have not sent it back to you yet.
^^ Correct. You can see the cards they add as they add them, but they need to hit the "Send Counteroffer" button to officially send the trade back to you.

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RE: Trade/Organize Problem.
Ask and ye shall receive!
Thanks folks. Case closed.

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