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What happened to this forum? - spazmatastic - 10-02-2012 01:04 AM

It seems that this forum died without me and 'thegreat48' being here every day. Where is everyone?
I had some computer issues that took me out for a couple of weeks and it appears that 'thegreat48' has been MIA for a bit too.

Personally, I think this is just more info to back my claim that Press Pass is forcing out the true collectors with the drastic change to their NASCAR card lineup. If I am wrong, someone PLZ prove it!

I want to to see the return of affordable NASCAR products without the 'junk' memorabilia cards. PP claims that the public requested the changes they have made. I think the public have shunned the overpriced products that PP thinks we requested.

I want to see the return of Eclipse and VIP... I mean the way they were in 2009 or earlier. I want the 'hits' to actually mean something to me or my fellow collectors. There was never anything wrong with VIP. Also, Eclipse was my favorite set EVERY year until they decided to go with the 'canvas-style' card stock in 2010.
2009 Eclipse was actually my favorite set ever from PP. They finally included the set name into the style of the card. I may be in the minority on that, BUT the 2010 set is the reason I didn't buy a hobby box or more for the 1st time in many years and stayed away in 2011 as well!
I'm sorry for the rant but it is just the way I feel about what PP is doing now. They have been such a great NASCAR card company for a long time now, but it seems they only care about the opinions of the big spenders now.

RE: What happened to this forum? - minitracer - 10-02-2012 02:59 AM

Thats pretty much my story. I bought a handfull of the RU blasters over the past year ( Fanfare ,Total Mem, Ignite) and was disappointed every time.I refuse to spend $20 for a handful of cards that do nothing for me. After I made this years regular Press Pass set and bought a couple blasters of Ignite thats been it for me and have been buying baseball. Press Pass definately needs to put out some more inexpensive offerings again instead of the current overpriced junk.

RE: What happened to this forum? - roostersclassics11 - 10-02-2012 07:16 AM

I agree this forum crashed way down not sure where Will is and there is other regulars not here maybe not enough trading ?

RE: What happened to this forum? - Echo7Bravo - 10-02-2012 03:36 PM

I think that it is lack of trading. It seems like more people want to sell rather than trade. I spoke to Will over a month ago, maybe two and a trade that I did with him was the first one out of 5 tries or more that actually got accepted and completed. Having to pay a lot of money for cards nowadays is not helping. I know that some of you could care less about MMA, but Topps did the same thing over the last few years, only selling hobby boxes for in between $90 and $160 depending on the release. Seen trading for those cards go downhill also.


RE: What happened to this forum? - roostersclassics11 - 10-02-2012 06:30 PM

I also think that we have alot of the same collectors here with the same PC guys and from what Ive seen I probably the only one building sets but also every card I get to trade everyone already has I have bout a bulk lot of Nascar but have yet to enter it in the org,

RE: What happened to this forum? - jeffgordonracing24 - 10-02-2012 08:27 PM

I check here everyday, but usually spend all my time over at the other "site." A lot more collectors over there. Since I've been here, its always the same 5 or 6 guys it seems like and if we are not buying boxes, it's hard for us to trade with the same guys over and over.

As for Will, he's around. We talk regularly. I pick up cards for him from the shows I go to!

RE: What happened to this forum? - shelbysaleen - 10-02-2012 10:17 PM

I am not sure where to start so I might ramble a tad.

The forum has been a desert for years. I have tried to find ways to make it more attractive again but without the print magazine its a hard sell.

They have THE SCM which is a great magazine and yes I just bought the latest but there just is not enough racing in it to warrant the average racing only collector to purchase it. Without buying a beckett a lot of them just do not think of the boards anymore plus a lot of stuff that happened in the past.

The collectors are out there and a lot going on. The hobby isnt where it was a couple of years ago but its not what press pass did that started the decline. A few of the BIG DOG collectors got out for personal reasons not related to the hobby. These were the guys that paid dearly for what they collected. Without them competing with each other the prices actually dropped for the rest of us. However when the prices dropped it wasnt as profitible to other medium dog dealers so they either bailed or just limited what they bought.

What you tend to have left now is the collectors not the dealers per se.

I have never understood the term THE TRUE COLLECTOR. What does that mean. I know some think if you collect anything other than base sets you are not a true collector. Others if you dont collect one of everything your not a true collector. The truth is if your spending money for the cards and you like them you are the true collector.

Press Pass is indeed giving the collectors what they asked for. They have held focus groups, visited forums, talked to collectors on the phone, through email and this is what has been requested. Look at fanfare yes you get 8 hits per box. Yes some of those hits are from drivers that may never see one lap at daytona. A lot of us would still rather have that race used or autograph card than to have another base or parrallel of jeff gordon jimmie johnson. They took out the legends form other products [other than legends] because collectors wanted it. They are back this year in products because Press Pass realized if we do not put them in some other products Some collectors will only have one release a year to collect.

Dropping previous years releases never comes easy and is only done after there is a decline in the sales of some significant amount. However this is what has Helped the hobby over the years. There have been many brands that have simply faded away and replaced by something new. Maybe not better to everyone but at least its something new. Also they slip in hints of the past every so often.

VIP was never my favorite release. I have preffered this years releases over a lot of the ones of recent memory except for maybe stealth.

Next year will possibly bring some even newere products. Also a old time favorite might show up in the next 24 months.

When they decided to do away with vip eclipse etc there were some complaints about that happening. However nothing major.

When they hinted that Legends would be combined with other sports it lit a firestorm of backlash. People complaining about that on forums, by calling, and writing old fasioned letters. What transpired was a realization by press pass that legends needed to be left alone. So out of this came another product called hall of fame.. Legends is intact and non racing collectors have a great looking product about to drop.

Press Pass listens to everyone not just the big time collectors. Acutally the real big time collectors most of us know from online auction sites. They probably have less input than you would believe. They can afford to buy it all so no need to complain. For a couple of years I heard a friend of mine complain there were no burton race used no burton high end etc etc. His persistence by their own admission helped to inspire them to continue pursuing jeff burton for these items. Another collector lobbied and lobbied for martin truex and it finally showed.

I personally BEGGED every chance I received for a dual autograph of David Pearson and Richard Petty. People kept saying they dont like each other which I knew was bull. Press Pass kept on and two years in a row they included a dual autograph for them.

Blasters, I remember the old days when people would buy blasters for the same cost they are today and people were happy if they received some parrallel cards or an insert. Now they are guaranteed at least a race used or autograph and people are not happy.

The sport it self is really the biggest problem for the hobby. CUP is the big leagues of racing in terms of colelctors fans etc. However there are only about 43 drivers to collect. Of them only about 12 that are marketable truly. In other sports they might have over half that number on one team and multiply that by 28.

Other sports also have their regions where they are popular and have a large amount of fans. NASCAR is now country wide and these 100,000 fans per race are all competing for the cards of 12 drivers. It can chase people out of the hobby before you get in.

The truck and nationwide series are wonderfull but are after thoughts for most collectors. Rather than using it like baseball does with prospects.

Stick and Ball players may rotate every five years or so where even a has been may hang around in cup for 20 more years. Their isnt enought turn around on drivers to keep the sport FRESH.

If one is looking for freshness in the hobby they need to look everywhere. Find other forums. I am not suggesting leavign this one. I have been coming here ever since 98 I believe. I have been a thorn in their side and now I try to moderate. I have been a fan and buyer of the magazine and miss it like mad. I always thought if they did less price guide and more hobby content it would have sold better.

I watch and respond to every box busters and have even tried to get them to do the racing as an online magazine only. That way they could get collectors here to buy the opg. IF you only concentrate on one forum your going to miss something. I read Chris olds tweets every day and see even he goes all over the place for his cards and information.

All the sites need each other because they each bring something different. As long as I am collecting I will still alwasy be here on beckett where I started.

RE: What happened to this forum? - the great 48 - 10-03-2012 10:51 AM

Dang Shelby, you said "ramble a tad" Wink
I agree with most of what you said. And for me its a few things.
Being broke sucks... I cant trade like I used to. Cant buy stuff when trading slows down. And to be honest, I have a hard time seeing what everyone else is getting and all the new products that I cant get. I just have to back away cause the jealousy is overwhelming. It might sound silly but thats how I feel.
Ive tried to stay involved and reply to threads but there isnt many new things to reply to.
There are much better places to go where the topics come way more often as far as the forums go.
Some left due to the way beckett works. They dont like all the "rules/fees"
And like Matt said, its hard to trade over and over with the same guys, although Ive managed to do it quite often. It will eventually slow down if those traders arent picking up new stuff which some of us cant.
And for a lot of guys when trading slows down their forum activity slows with it IMO...

RE: What happened to this forum? - spazmatastic - 10-04-2012 11:59 PM

Thank you Michael and Will for your replies! I agree and disagree with several points made by both of you.

As Will said: 'Being broke sucks... I cant trade like I used to. Cant buy stuff when trading slows down. And to be honest, I have a hard time seeing what everyone else is getting and all the new products that I cant get. I just have to back away cause the jealousy is overwhelming. It might sound silly but thats how I feel.'

I fully agree with that statement.

That is part of the reason I rarely visit NUTS anymore. I know I have nothing to offer those members for the great stuff they post b/c I can't afford or don't like the products coming out from PP.
If I want lesser cards (base/parallel/inserts) from those members, I have to ask for a list of what they have AND create a list of cards I have of the drivers they collect. It is just much simpler here b/c potential traders can see everything I have without asking me what I have or telling me who they collect.

Michael: What I mean by 'true collector' is a person who collects b/c they love the sport and love to collect their drivers and help others with their driver collections by trading cards.
Someone who buys lots of boxes purely to sell anything they possibly can to the highest bidder is NOT a collector. I am not really talking about card shops/dealers. It is their job to do exactly that if they are opening any products.

I do agree that the sport itself is part of the problem, but not for the reasons you stated. The worst problem in NASCAR is the continual rule changes. The only thing they have changed in the past few years that I agree with completely is making every driver clarify which title they are
accumulating points for. It was really annoying to see Cup drivers taking the Nationwide Championship nearly every year.
The only time you see MLB players competing for a minor league title is when they are rehabbing from an injury.
Also, the NFL makes rule changes nearly every year, but they are to improve players' health or safety or to remove a rule that caused way more problems than what it was meant to address.

Finally (b/c it seems I'm rambling now), there are more than 43 drivers that compete in a Cup race over the season. Some of them are random attempts and some are younger drivers trying to get Cup experience. I have no problems with Truck Series/Nationwide drivers trying to get into Cup races and I have no problems with them having cards made for those attempts. My problem with the card aspect is when those 'Start and Park' drivers (in ANY Series) are part of the AU or RU cards that are supposed to be 'hits' in a box. A 'hit' should not be an AU/RU card that is only worth $6-8. That is not what I want to see from a box I paid $100+ for.
As for blaster boxes, I'd rather pull a decent parallel than some crappy single-color RU card that is guaranteed. Great example: 2012 Ignite blasters. I saw 2 or 3 people pull an AU card or multi-colored RU from those, BUT most people pulled a 'proof' parallel card that was worth more than the guaranteed RU. Many collectors had an easier time trading the proofs than the RU's.
I can go on but I will stop now. This has gotten way too long. Sorry.

RE: What happened to this forum? - pretz6969 - 10-05-2012 01:13 PM

I check in often just don't say much anymore. Since I gave up on my Bobby collection to focus on the Pastrana one I don't trade much anymore cause it seems no one pulls his cards. I usually end up having to buy them off the dreaded feebay. Also don't usually have much time to add all my new traders from each hobby box to my org so I kinda gave up on that and just add the race used and autos.