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Beckett Grading Services

Beckett Grading offers many different services. Choose one that’s right for you.

Beckett Grading Services

Beckett GradingA high-quality sports card grading service for cards from 1981 to present.

  • Quality grading service for your modern cards
  • Internal sleeve for maximum protection
  • Half-point grading scale for more precise assessment
  • Online Population Report available 24/7
  • Detailed Report Card providing specific information on why your card received its final grad

Beckett Vintage Grading

Beckett Vintage GradingVintage cards deserve a vintage service. BVG allows for 1980 and prior sports cards to be graded with the respect and attention they deserve.

  • Quality vintage grading service for your pre-1981 cards
  • Takes into consideration the technology of the time
  • Half-point grading scale for more precise assessment
  • Online Population Report available 24/7

Beckett Collectors Club Grading

Beckett GradingIn an effort to reach our wider audience, BCCG was created as a high-volume grading service intended to provide collectors with an attractive and affordable alternative to other graded card products.

  • Simplified 10-point grading scale
  • No internal sleeve
  • Quality archival protection
  • Sonically sealed/tamper-proof protection

Raw Card Review

Beckett GradingBeckett on-site review services allow our customers to find out what grades their cards deserve before they submit them to BGS or BVG.

  • Detailed review feedback
  • Half-point grading scale for more precise assessment
  • Tamper-proof protection
  • Available for raw cards
  • Offered at the Beckett booth at a show near you!

NEW Single Grade Service

Beckett GradingNow offering you a single grade service for your BGS cards – that means no sub grades.



Service Levels Order Size
  1-12 cards 13-30 cards 31-99 cards 100+* cards
2 Day $30/card $26/card $23/card $21/card
5 Day $25/card $22/card $19/card $16/card
10 Day $15/card $14/card $12/card $11/card
20 Day $12/card $11/card $10/card $9/card
45 Day $11/card $10/card $9/card $8/card


Service Level Order Size
  1-9 cards 10-29 cards 30 -99 cards 100+ cards
On-site Grading $35/card $30/card $25/card $20/card
On-site Slabbing of any RCR (Raw Card Review) $15/card
  1-5 cards 6-50 cards 51 -99 cards 100+ cards
RCR or GCR (Graded Card Review) $10/card $8/card $7/card $6/card
While You Wait Preview $20/card n/a n/a n/a


Service Levels Order Size
In and Out  
< 100 cards $6/card
100 cards $5/card
250 cards $4.50/card
500 cards $4.00/card
1000 cards $3.50/card
3000 cards $3.25/card
5000 cards $3.00/card
10000 cards $2.50/card