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Full Version: Certified Box: I was almost Mega Pissed, a Kicker? Really?
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So I picked up a box of Certified today. Opened the first 9 packs and man, was I mad. Check out the hits to that point:

 photo f96a3fa4-5ae7-454e-8111-d403ed0ed962_zpsb85d2ebb.jpg

Jonathan Cyprian Red RC #/250
Joe Montana Immortal #/250
Terry Bradshaw Immortal #/100

 photo SDC10742_zps06210eea.jpg

Marcus Wheaton Freshman Fabric #/149
Leonard Hankerson relic (who?) #/299
Dustin Hopkins auto #/999

Before I show you why I'm not wanting to storm Panini's offices, let's address the fact they have an auto of A FREAKING KICKER in this set. Not only that, it's numbered to 999, which means that somewhere out there, 998 other people will say, WTF!!!

Ok, here was the pick-me-up

 photo SDC10743_zps87733f39.jpg

Terrible pic, but it's a Tavon Austin gold dual relic auto. #/25.

Saved the box.....
Nice hit on the Austin
I'd like a shot at the hankerson if its for trade, and congrats on the Austin. That's a sweet card.
I've noticed that with Certified over the years. Boxes with a big hit have absolute trash otherwise. Bought one box last year and got 2 crap base jerseys and a RC AU of a non drafted free agent and thought the worst but the last pack had an RGIII AU/25.

Congrats on the sweet Tavon!
Yeah I'd say that saved your box for sure! Auto of a Maybe vinitari or elam or janokowski would be cool but
being a Bills fan, check me for the kicker!! Thanks.
that austin is nasty! please check me if your trading it!
very nice austin..a kicker lol...
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