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Full Version: Certified Box: I was almost Mega Pissed, a Kicker? Really?
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HAA - Iwas one of the 998 but at least i was able to trade it to a bills fan who wanted it. Congrats on the beautiful Tavon - i was not as lucky to get a box saver in mine (got a one color jersey Landry Jones auto - whoopie!)
Nice Austin! Kind of a shame that the mirror parallels this year don't have extra memorabilia swatches though...
Forgive me for saying it, but check me for the Dustin Hopkins... I live in Buffalo lol
Is the hankerson available
You may not like the kicker, but do you know how many Detroit fans would have LOVED to see Hanson autos in the market.
good thing you had the gold for the save.......very nice
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