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I SAID $400 MAX. I was surprised when the "expert" said $600. Its a 6! He should know a 6 sucks.I said Id give him $200 to myself. It looked HORRRIBLE.. I would almost rather have that one KingJames23 is trying to sell with a crease!
It is a buyers market, and at an auction the heat of the moment can make people go a little deep in the pocket. This is a card I can only dream of owning at this point and If I had that money I would like to think I would go all in for it. Again its all about the person and what they collect and how it fits there PC.. I did however just pick up one of the reprint rc cards with a piece of the floor in it!
Yeah, you have to remember that typically things sell for more at auctions houses than they do on eBay auctions. Since there are plenty of Jordan RCs on eBay it makes sense that they card would never sell for $600 but at an auction house where the buyer has had the chance to view the item in person and perhaps does not buy off eBay, the atmosphere is right for higher prices.

Not everything in life is based off eBay prices.
I DVR that show last night so I could watch it because of the Jordan rookie. Yes I think that it went a little high, But like a few others said in the heat of the moment and then to feel the rush of winning. Also The people there know they are on camera so there also is that 10 mins of fame for the local guy. As for the for the subgrades I paused it and they were at least that what they looked like in the pause screen.
centering 6
corners 5.5
Edge 7
Surface 8 (I think) was a little fuzzy to see
Most Auction houses also have solicitors who work for the Auction house and bother the bidders to bid higher. Auction Kings is very contribed, I bet you half the stuff is set up for TV purposes. All these shows, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Storage Wars have all jumped the shark. Everything is set up to look good on TV. The only true reality show left about antiquing, finding cool stuff is Hardcore Pawn.
I have seen most of those shows and ALL of them are setup for TV to some degree.
I love hardcore pawn.. so friggin funny sometimes!
Storage Wars is my favorite.
(08-18-2011, 12:00 AM)TheEvilEmpire Wrote: [ -> ]Storage Wars is my favorite.
+1 Even when the show sucks at least I have Brandi and her 2 friends to look at and Dave Hester is the man
(08-18-2011, 10:33 AM)phillies816 Wrote: [ -> ]+1 Even when the show sucks at least I have Brandi and her 2 friends to look at and Dave Hester is the man
Haha I always think it's good. Brandi is hot and the auctioneer's wife is hot as well (Laura).

Dave's "yeppppp" cracks me up everytime he does it. I'm a Barry fan.
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