What’s your best haul from a group break?




By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Group breaks have become big business in the last few years, and we’re taking a look at them in the next issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly.

One thing we want to see are what one or two key cards you have landed while doing a group break. Maybe it’s something legendary like a Ty Cobb memorabilia card — or maybe it was a legendary haul of Gavin Escobar autographs all found in the same case.

Either way, we want to hear about it — no matter what the player or sport.

In the comments below, show us an image (link) of your best pull, what it might have cost you (if you remember) and where you got it from. 

We’ll run some of the most-notable finds in the issue.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Sports Card Monthly magazines. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an email to him at colds@beckett.com. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


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  1. Jeff 8 December, 2014 at 12:34

    I got these two cards from doing group breaks from Cardsinfinty.com.The Peyton hands down is my best pull:
    and this Aaron Dobson is just plain nasty:
    I don’t remember the cost on either GB’s.But as you can see well worth what ever it was.

  2. Amichai 8 December, 2014 at 13:05

    Doing a lot of group breaks obviously improve the results of hitting a big card every now and then, the two that made the biggest impression where a Wayne Gretzky and a Andrew Luck.

    Being relatively new to the cloutsnchara family I was lucky enough to land a Wayne Gretzky Emblems of Endorsement from 2011-12 Upper Deck The Cup.


    Second card was the Andrew Luck RC Auto Patch Gold numbered to 49 from 2012 Panini National Treasures which was pulled by Jay from UndefinedG20, it was one of those nights because out of the same case I also got a Nick Foles RC Auto Patch.


    Ive been quite lucky in the breaks I did join so overall im a happy camper.


  3. Matt 8 December, 2014 at 13:38

    The best card I got from a group break didn’t turn up until a while after the break. I bought the Mets slot in a group break of one case of 2014 Donruss by Brent Williams for $50. I wasn’t expecting to get much out of it, but when it turned out that half of the Mets autographs on the checklist didn’t exist and autograph collation was terrible at the case level, I ended up with two Andrew Brown autographs, an Ike Davis jersey card, some inserts and SPs, and a pile of ugly base cards. Nobody got a big hit out of that case.

    I was fortunate enough though to get one of the wrapper lots that was randomed off during the break. Wrappers could be redeemed for one three-card pack of bonus Rookie Cards, so at least I would have some of the first Rookie Cards of Masahiro Tanaka and Jose Abreu (though without an MLB license…). I got the cards a few weeks later and stashed them away. A few months after that, I was talking about this in a card shop and someone mentioned that there was a short printed Japanese version of the Tanaka. I went back and checked mine, which turned out to be the short print. The best card to come out of the case was a Yankee that came back in exchange for wrappers obtained from a Mets slot. Go figure.


  4. Craig Davis 8 December, 2014 at 13:55

    Pulked a 2014 Topps Triple Threads Mariano Rivera All-Star patches #/9 with livegroupbreaks.com in my very first group break!

  5. bigvikefan 8 December, 2014 at 14:11

    On a whim, I bought the Pirates in a group break at Layton Sports Cards two years ago…and hit the Roberto Clemente bat knob. It’s crazy b/c before I bought the spot, I actually thought how cool it would be if I hit that card. Best pull of my life.

  6. William Yearicks 8 December, 2014 at 18:59

    Best pull came from a GB @ Layton’s sports cards.My wife got the Texans and Eagles combo.Was bummed because the product was 2013 TTT hit a nice D. Hopkins auto,Ray Graham the last hit was a /9 triple auto of
    Hopkins/spiller/Ellington went into randomizer and won it.Layton’s is the best GB’s.

  7. Ryan 9 December, 2014 at 08:11

    Back when Tier One came out, being a huge Tigers fan, i consistently bought the Tigers in breaks. Somehow, I was lucky enough to get the Ty Cobb bat knob. Incredible pull, one that will probably never be topped, although that doesn’t stop me from trying.

  8. C 9 December, 2014 at 15:18

    I paid $11 for a one box break of 2012 Topps Platinum football. The teams were randomly picked and I received the Browns and Eagles. I was not able to watch the live break and that evening I received an email from the breaker that said “Congrats! Did you watch the break?” I immedietely fired up my computer. At that time I thought to myself hopefully I got a sweet Trent Richardson card, but it turned out even better for me! I received a redemption for a Nick Foles NFL Shield 1-of-1 auto!!! It took Topps 2 years to fulfill the redemption, but it was well worth it!

  9. Seth Garrow 10 December, 2014 at 00:09

    My best hit from a Group Break came in 2012 with Chad Redfern of FireHand cards. The product was 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball and I pulled the Yankees in the team draw. I had several offers to sell my spot for much more than I paid but I decided to roll the dice and boy am I glad I did! I was blown away to see a cut autograph booklet with a Yankees logo on it! I had gotten the Mickey Mantle 1/1 cut auto booklet in a group break! I was floored! I had been a part of Chads breaks for about a year at the time and I kept coming back for more after as well!!! I have had some amazing breaks (and some not so amazing ones) but this one was by FAR the best! FireHand Cards is about as classy of an operation as you are going to find. Chad does everything by the book and I would trust him with my bank account! In a world where you cant really trust many people Chad comes through time and time again to prove that good people still exist!

  10. Marty D 10 December, 2014 at 21:51

    In 2013, I tried my luck in Panini National Treasures baseball. I had gone without a hit in many box breaks. Finally, one night while on Friendly Box Breaks, I got a hit. I landed a cut auto of Vin Scully. Joey, being the generous man he is, made me an offer for the card because he wanted it. Being on a budget in the breaker world makes it difficult to ever get into a very high end product. I made a deal with Joey on the Scully to get into Heroes of Sport. I wouldn’t have ever gotten into a box of that had I not worked out a sale on the Scully. I was working the night of the break and missed the pull but by the amount of phone calls and texts I received, I knew it had to have been good. I pulled off the highway and watched the break on YouTube after it was loaded and discovered I was the proud new owner of a T206 Ty Cobb. I was at a loss for words. I’d turned a $16 break into a $300 hit and a spot in Heroes of Sport into a hit of a lifetime. I had the card graded shortly after receiving it and it received a 2.5 through Beckett Vintage Grading Services. If I ever have a son or grandson, this card will be passed down to him. Here is my pull of a lifetime. Thanks for letting me share my long winded but once in a breakers life story. Again, many thanks to Joey for making this odd chain of events happen.


  11. NickM 11 December, 2014 at 23:49

    I’m not putting up a picture, because it’s a redemption card, but a 2014 Bowman Lucky Redemption (a Kris Bryant refractor auto should be coming to me any day) is my best group break hit.

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