What Would Goose Gossage Think? 2016 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations Gallery


2016 T OD SS Celeb 2 Chris Davis

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Bryce Harper wants us to embrace the emotion of baseball? More often than not, sports cards capture players at their most serious. They’d probably tell us it’s when they’re focused. But there are times when most would agree it’s okay to crack a little more than a smile and let loose. Some of those moments are captured in 2016 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations.

The insert set shows what happens after the heroics and proverbial fireworks. The result? Lots of great, emotional photos outside of the norm that are usually showcased on cards.

Often, what we see on TV when we’re watching sports is the serious stuff. There might be the occasional cutaway to a mascot doing their thing or some sort of brief highlight reel shenanigans. But other than maybe a championship game, we don’t see much of what happens after the final out, whistle, bell or goal. We get people talking at a desk or a Grey’s Anatomy repeat.

It’s the aftermath where the majority of the 2016 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations cards are set. Gatorade, whipped cream pies and even chocolate syrup all make appearances alongside cap tips and infield group hugs.

Each of the 20 featured moments have a timestamp of sorts thanks to the card backs that delve right into the specific game and the reason for the excitement.

There is some overlap in the photo types with those found in the 2016 Topps Opening Day variations. Carlos Gonzalez appears in both and his photos look as though they may have come moments apart.

Where the variations can fetch high price tags, Superstar Celebrations cards are much more affordable. In fact, complete sets can be found for less than one of the cheapest variations.

The insert theme isn’t a new one for Opening Day. Superstar Celebrations has been a part of the product since 2010.

2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball Superstar Celebrations Gallery

SC-1 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

2016 T OD SS Celeb 1 Trout

SC-2 Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles

2016 T OD SS Celeb 2 Chris Davis

SC-3 Wilmer Flores, New York Mets

2016 T OD SS Celeb 3 Wilmer Flores

SC-4 Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals

2016 T OD SS Celeb 4 Salvador Perez

SC-5 Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs

2016 T OD SS Celeb 5 Jake Arrieta

SC-6 Daniel Murphy, New York Mets

2016 T OD SS Celeb 6 Daniel Murphy

SC-7 Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros

2016 T OD SS Celeb 7 Dallas Keuchel

SC-8 Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

2016 T OD SS Celeb 8 Kris Bryant

SC-9 Michael Brantley, Cleveland Indians

2016 T OD SS Celeb 9 Michael Brantley

SC-10 Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals

2016 T OD SS Celeb 10 Ryan Zimmerman

SC-11 Brian Dozier, Minnesota Twins

2016 T OD SS Celeb 11 Brian Dozier

SC-12 Ian Kinsler, Detroit Tigers

2016 T OD SS Celeb 12 Ian Kinsler

SC-13 Josh Reddick, Oakland Athletics

2016 T OD SS Celeb 13 Josh Reddick

SC-14 Robinson Chirinos, Texas Rangers

2016 T OD SS Celeb 14 Robinson Chirinos

SC-15 Josh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays

2016 T OD SS Celeb 15 Josh Donaldson

SC-16 Pedro Alvarez, Pittsburgh Pirates

2016 T OD SS Celeb 16 Pedro Alvarez

SC-17 Derek Norris, San Diego Padres

2016 T OD SS Celeb Derek Norris

SC-18 Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies

2016 T OD SS Celeb 18 Carlos Gonzalez

SC-19 Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers

2016 T OD SS Celeb 19 Andre Ethier

SC-20 Justin Bour, Miami Marlins

2016 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations 20 Justin Bour

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Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  1. Jonathan 18 March, 2016 at 08:58

    That Bryant is clever, and I’ll be looking for it. The timing is so perfect it almost looks fake. Nice work, Topps. Nice work.

  2. phillies_joe 20 March, 2016 at 08:22

    Love Opening Day and the Superstar inserts. These look great. I love Goose Gossage also……..

  3. JD 20 March, 2016 at 13:37

    I don’t think that Goose would mind this because all of these celebrations are happening AFTER the game not during it. I also don’t think you wanted an answer to that question, but I provided one anyway.

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