Topps confirms six short-printed variations in 2009 Heritage High Number

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Updated later on Wednesday with SP list and card gallery at end.

While Topps has yet to release a list of variation cards in its new 2009 Topps Heritage High Number baseball card set, a few collectors already have reported finding a pair of variations that just might not make a few fans happy.

Well, at least fans of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

So far, among the variations spotted are a Dustin Pedroia card (pricey?) sporting a Yankees logo (he’s the Sox second baseman if you didn’t know — or didn’t read above) and a card of Yankees captain Derek Jeter with a Red Sox logo.

We’re pretty sure that the move is likely one to get attention from two large media bases and a vocal response from two loyal fan bases. But if one thinks this is a shot at Upper Deck (Jeter is an exclusive spokesman), one should think again.

While Topps will be the lone manufacturer allowed to use MLB logos on its cards in 2010, it doesn’t make much sense to have your forthcoming advantage in the marketplace look like an error… does it?

Update: Topps announced later Wednesday that there are a total of six variation SPs in Heritage. Here are the others:

— No. 250 Albert PujolsĀ  (All-Rookie design)
— No. 563 Pedro Martinez (black and white head shot)
— No. 569 Alex Rios (black and white head shot)
— No. 545 Neftali Feliz (black and white image)

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  1. Tom
    Posted November 26, 2009 at 9:38 pm | Permalink

    Apparently, one of the more dimwitted readers of (blog) espoused his opinion that this post was a slap at (blogger) in some way, to which the always smarmy (blogger) responded that someone who looks like Olds wouldn’t be taking a shot at anyone.

    When asked in a followup comment what someones appearance had to do with anything, gutless (blogger) refused to approve the comment. Typical, afraid of criticism……

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