Upper Deck reveals Timelines Cuts list

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Upper Deck has announced the lineup for its 2008 Timelines Cuts set, a baseball only cut signature insert in 2008 Upper Deck Timelines baseball. There are several Hall of Famers included — and a few guys who don’t have many cuts available.

The full checklist is after the jump (along with more images).

Card No.    Subject, cuts made, team
TCS-AB    Al Barlick    50    Umpire
TCS-AK    Alex Kellner    27    Athletics
TCS-AL    Al Lopez    28    White Sox
TCS-AP    Luke Appling    41    White Sox
TCS-AS    Amos Strunk    31    Athletics
TCS-AV    Arky Vaughan    1    Pirates
TCS-BB    Bill Bevens    25    Yankees
TCS-BH    Billy Herman    82    Dodgers
TCS-BL    Bill Lee    17    Cubs
TCS-BO    Bob O’Farrell    25    Cardinals
TCS-BR    Bill Rigney    33    Giants
TCS-BS    Bill Stafford    8    Yankees
TCS-BT    Bill Terry    13    Giants
TCS-BU    Buck Leonard    93    Grays
TCS-CA    Cal Abrams    14    Orioles
TCS-CG    Charlie Gehringer    27    Tigers
TCS-CH    Catfish Hunter    8    Yankees
TCS-CK    Chuck Klein    2    Phillies
TCS-CL    Clem Labine    20    Dodgers
TCS-CM    Connie Mack    3    Athletics
TCS-CO    Joe Collins    7    Yankees
TCS-CT    Cecil Travis    52    Senators
TCS-CV    Chris Van Cuyk    34    Dodgers
TCS-DB    Dick Bartell    37    Giants
TCS-DJ    David Jones    19    Tigers
TCS-DS    Dick Sisler    10    Phillies
TCS-EA    Earl Averill    2    Indians
TCS-EB    Ewell Blackwell    5    Reds
TCS-EH    Elston Howard    2    Yankees
TCS-FC    Frank Crosetti    18    Yankees
TCS-FM    Frank McCormick    50    Reds
TCS-GB    Gene Baker    7    Cubs
TCS-GK    George Kelly    8    Giants
TCS-GS    George Selkirk    18    Yankees
TCS-GW    Gene Woodling    32    Yankees
TCS-HA    Bucky Harris    4    Senators
TCS-HB    Harry Bright    5    Senators
TCS-HC    Happy Chandler    36    Commissioner
TCS-HD    Harry Danning    43    Giants
TCS-HK    Hank Borowy    30    Cubs
TCS-HL    Hal Reniff    10    Yankees
TCS-HM    Heinie Manush    1    Tigers
TCS-HO    Waite Hoyt    21    Yankees
TCS-HR    Harry Brecheen    6    Cardinals
TCS-HS    Hank Sauer    18    Cubs
TCS-HW    Harry Walker    9    Cardinals
TCS-JB    Jim Brewer    4    Dodgers
TCS-JC    Jocko Conlan    19    Umpire
TCS-JD    Joe DiMaggio    2    Yankees
TCS-JG    Jesse Gonder    11    Mets
TCS-JH    Johnny Hopp    16    Cardinals
TCS-JI    Jim Busby    5    White Sox
TCS-JM    Jo-Jo Moore    40    Giants
TCS-JO    Joe Black    29    Dodgers
TCS-JR    John Roseboro    5    Dodgers
TCS-JS    Joe Sewell    65    Indians
TCS-JT    Jim Turner    42    Reds
TCS-KC    Kiki Cuyler    1    Cubs
TCS-KK    Ken Keltner    8    Indians
TCS-LA    Cookie Lavagetto    6    Dodgers
TCS-LB    Lou Boudreau    75    Indians
TCS-LE    Bob Lemon    78    Indians
TCS-LW    Lloyd Waner    69    Pirates
TCS-MD    Moe Drabowsky    6    Cubs
TCS-MH    Mel Harder    8    Indians
TCS-MO    Mickey Owen    12    Dodgers
TCS-NB    Nellie Briles    9    Cardinals
TCS-NF    Nellie Fox    3    White Sox
TCS-PR    Pete Runnels    10    Red Sox
TCS-PW    Paul Waner    1    Pirates
TCS-RE    Rip Repulski    40    Cardinals
TCS-RF    Rick Ferrell    42    Red Sox
TCS-RK    Ron Kline    5    Senators
TCS-RM    Russ Meyer    8    Dodgers
TCS-RO    Preacher Roe    13    Dodgers
TCS-RR    Red Ruffing    4    Yankees
TCS-SA    Johnny Sain    22    Braves
TCS-SB    Smoky Burgess    9    Pirates
TCS-SC    Spud Chandler    12    Yankees
TCS-SH    Steve Hamilton    5    Yankees
TCS-ST    Stan Coveleski    19    Indians
TCS-SW    Sam West    22    Senators
TCS-TE    Birdie Tebbetts    39    Red Sox
TCS-TG    Tom Gorman    13    Yankees
TCS-TH    Tommy Holmes    60    Braves
TCS-TL    Ted Lyons    12    White Sox
TCS-WA    Gee Walker    41    Tigers
TCS-WH    Sammy White    40    Red Sox
TCS-WM    Wally Moses    7    Athletics


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  1. Posted March 22, 2009 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

    I pulled one of these about 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know how upper deck chooses what card you get?

  2. M Shanny
    Posted January 6, 2010 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    I pulled one of these redemption cards today, and for a box of cards that I paid $28 for, that is pretty cool. I really hope it is my lucky day, and I get the Joe D. card. I called Upper Deck, and they told me the cards are selected at random. Hope this info helps someone out there…
    Chicago Card Man Matt

  3. jay young
    Posted December 30, 2012 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    i won card and would like to recieve it asap

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