Upper Deck announces error on Fabian Brunnstrom Ultimate Collection Rookie Autograph card

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This in Tuesday night from Upper Deck

When Upper Deck received the 2008-09 Ultimate Collection Hockey Rookie Autograph cards of Fabian Brunnstrom back, the company was saddened to see that one of the boxes containing approximately half of the cards had not sealed correctly. All the cards in that box were damaged.

The company has contingency plans for something like this and quickly set out to reproduce those cards and have them signed by Brunnstrom. In the haste to get these cards in packs, the numbering on 51 of the cards was set to 399 instead of 99. Upper Deck can confirm there are only 99 of the cards in these cards in the market.

Worthy of note, Brunnstrom signed the first 48 cards without damage in black ink, the replacements numbered to 399 are signed in blue ink.

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