Topps confirms 2009 Heritage baseball variations

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Topps released the following list of short-printed variation cards from its 2009 Heritage baseball set on Friday morning. Several of the variations mimic cards from the 1960 set, which is this year’s Heritage design. Check ’em out …

# 58 Conor Jackson

Variation: Rays logo on card

Mimics: Original # 58 Gino Cimoli

# 70 Tom Glavine

Variation: Spelled “Thom”

Mimics: Original # 70 Lew Burdette

# 102 Adrian Gonzalez

Variation: Rangers logo on card

Mimics: Original # 102 Kent Hedley

# 346 Fred Lewis

Variation: Randy Winn’s image

Mimics: Original # 346 J.C. Martin

# 407 Randy Winn

Variation: Fred Lewis’ image

Mimics: Original # 407 Gary Peters

# 445 John Smoltz

New Variation: Featured in Red Sox Uniform

# 488 Hanley Ramirez (All-Star)

Variation: Featured in Red Sox Uniform

Mimics: Original # 488 Norm Cash

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