15 Most Valuable Star Trek Autographs

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By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Five decades of Star Trek has given us a half-dozen TV shows, more than a dozen movies and a never-ending supply of trading cards. The result is literally hundreds of different Star Trek autographs to choose from and chase. While some are likely to be appreciated largely by major fans of the franchise, there are plenty of others that have crossover appeal.

William Shatner, Leonard Nimory, DeForest Kelley and virtually every major character in the original series has autographed cards. Most have many. The same carries over to the stars of the more recent spin-off shows and into the films.

As one of the most popular franchises in trading card history, there are plenty of Star Trek autographs that carry big price tags. We’ve pulled together a list of the most valuable of all. While there’s a heavy emphasis on the original series and its top stars, there are a handful of contemporary names as well.

Most Valuable Star Trek Autograph Cards

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15. 2014 Star Trek Moives Autographs Chris Pine

Chris Pine not only plays Captain Kirk on the big-screen reboot of the franchise, but he has also become a regular in big-budget Hollywood films. To date, he has three Star Trek autographs. Of those, this is the rarest. Ranked “extremely rare” by Rittenhouse, only between 100 and 200 copies exist.

2014 Star Trek Movies Autographs Chris Pine

14. 2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs William Shatner, BarBara Luna #DA1

Pair anyone’s signature with William Shatner and you’re going to have a major card. This particular dual autograph pairs Captain Kirk with Lt. Marlena Moreau from the episode Mirror, Mirror. While the original series has no shortage of classic shows, Mirror, Mirror is considered by many to top them all. Somewhere between 200 and 300 of Shatner/Luna dual autographs were produced.

2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs William Shatner BarBara Luna

13. 2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barrett #DA6

2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series was notable for a couple of things. The first is that it looked at some of the cleaned up images and effects from the show. While that’s cool, for most collectors, the promise of a Dual Autograph in every box was likely a bigger draw. This card combines signatures of Leonard Nimoy and Majel Barrett. Nimoy doesn’t need any introduction. He made Spock one of the most memorable and influential characters in television history. Barrett’s role on the show was two-fold. Most importantly, she played Nurse Chapel on the original series. This is in addition to parts in several of the spin-offs as well. Barrett was also married to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. This card is considered “very limited” by Rittenhouse with a print run of 200 to 300 copies.

2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs Leonard Nimoy Majel Barrett

12. 2001 Star Trek 35th Anniversary HoloFEX Dual Autographs William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy #DA1

If someone asked you what the best autograph combination would be in Star Trek history, there probably wouldn’t be much debate. The discussion begins and ends with Kirk and Spock. This card marks the first time the two iconic stars had their signatures on the same card. It wouldn’t be the last and it’s not the rarest but it’s extremely important. Five hundred copies of the card were printed.

2001 Star Trek 35th Anniversary Dual Autograph William Shatner Leonard Nimoy

11. 2004 Quotable Star Trek TOS William Shatner #QA1 “Space…The Final Frontier” (limited)

“Space…the Final Frontier…”

Even if you’re not the biggest Star Trek fan, those opening lines likely evoke a sense of wonder. And William Shatner’s unmistakable voice and cadence. This card marked a departure from the familiar design a lot of Star Trek autographs carried dating back to when SkyBox held the license. Three variations of the card exist, each with a different quote on the front. Although all three have similar print runs between 300 and 500 copies each, the “Space” version often commands a bit of a premium.

2004 Quotable Star Trek Autographs QA1 William Shatner Space

10. 2009 Star Trek Movie Autographs Chris Pine

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot brought about a whole new group of signers. While the checklist has several established stars and some that have gone on to bigger things since, it is the new Captain Kirk that leads. Chris Pine was immediately one of the product’s headline stars. And with continued successes on the big screen, his first autograph remains popular. Supply for the card, which has a print run between 200 and 300, has long since dried up.

2009 Star Trek Movie Autographs Chris Pine

9. 2014 Star Trek TOS Portfolio Prints Dual Autographs William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy #DA32

Mirror, mirror on the wall, here’s one of the most valuable Star Trek autographs of all. To get one, ripping packs was futile. It was given to dealers ordering at least nine cases of product. The card itself features the “Mirror” versions of Kirk and Spock adding to its intrigue. But the rarity is the true testament of the card when you place it alongside other cards signed by both Shatner and Nimoy.

2014 Star Trek Portfolio Prints Dual Autographs DA32 William Shatner Leonard Nimoy

8. 1997 Star Trek TOS Season 1 Autographs Majel Barrett #A25

Barrett might not be one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of iconic Star Trek actors. She is up there, though. It’s also a short print in the first set in franchise history to have autographs. It all adds up to a key card for those building runs of Star Trek autographs.

1997 Star Trek TOS Season 1 Autographs Majel Barrett A25

7. 2014 Star Trek Movies Into Darkness Autographs Benedict Cumberbatch

Although plenty expensive already, the 2014 Star Trek Movies Benedict Cumberbatch autograph might not be done yet. He has quickly ascended to Hollywood’s elite, both critically and at the box office. With Marvel’s Doctor Strange looming on the horizon, his name is likely going to grow further. Even if Cumberbatch does sign for future sets, Star Trek or otherwise, this one will always carry significant value. The only way to get it was to order nine cases of the product, ensuring a very small print run.

2014 Star Trek Movies Into Darkness Autographs Benedict Cumberbatch

6. 2013 Star Trek TOS Heroes and Villains Dual Autographs William Shatner, Joan Collins #DA7

Another valuable dual autograph, this one features Shatner and Joan Collins, one of the most iconic stars of her era. Before this card came out, both were featured on popular Star Trek autographs so it shouldn’t be surprising that the power of two drives this one. Between 100 and 200 copies of the card were made.

2013 Star Trek TOS Heroes and Villains Dual Autographs William Shatner Joan Collins

5. 1999 Star Trek TOS Season 3 Autographs DeForest Kelley #A61

Whereas a lot of the main Star Trek cast have had plenty of signed cards over the years, DeForest Kelley has just two. When he passed away in 1999, Star Trek autograph cards were in their infancy. Best known for his role on the show as Dr. McCoy, Kelley’s second autograph is also his final one.

1999 Star Trek TOS Season 3 Autographs A61 Deforest Kelley

4. 1998 Star Trek TOS Season 2 Autographs DeForest Kelley #A27

1998 Star Trek TOS Season 2 was one of the first sets with Star Trek autographs. It’s also one of the strongest with nearly all of the bridge crew present. This marked the first of only two times Kelley signed for a set. While the value is comparable to his Season 3 card, this one gets a slight edge.

1998 Star Trek TOS Season 2 Autographs Deforest Kelley A27

3. 1997 Star Trek TOS Season 1 Autographs William Shatner #A1

1997 Star Trek TOS Season 1 from SkyBox is a landmark release for the franchise for the simple fact that it introduced autograph cards to an already popular line. Leading the way was William Shatner. It’s estimated that about 400 copies of this card were originally produced. That might make it more plentiful compared to some more recent sets, but its historical significance and age play major roles in its overall appeal.

1997 Star Trek TOS Season 1 Autographs William Shatner A1

2. 2012 Complete Star Trek The Next Generation Series 2 Cut Signatures James Doohan

Best known as Scotty, Doohan passed away in 2005. Rittenhouse included him in this set for The Next Generation based on his guest appearance on the show. While Doohan has several autograph cards that were released prior to his death, the value of this one comes from its rarity. Just 50 were produced.

1. 1998 Star Trek TOS Season 2 Autographs William Shatner #A31

It seems appropriate that, despite his many different autographs, the original captain lead the way. What is a little different about this card is that it wasn’t Shatner’s first autograph card as noted above. However, print run comes into play with Shatner being among the toughest cards on a large and loaded lineup.

1998 Star Trek TOS Season 2 Autographs William Shatner A31

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  1. Gary Goodrich 28 November, 2017 at 10:08

    I have a signed thank you note from Majel Barrett Roddenberry. She had a waiter chase me down in the parking lot to give it to me.

  2. Gary Goodrich 30 November, 2017 at 19:17

    On the back I wrote the name of the restaurant the date and why she thanked me.
    I’m thinking of putting it on eBay to see what it’ll bring

  3. Dan Ayars 17 July, 2018 at 12:09

    Trying to find the value of a CERTIFIED autographed lithograph of the original star trek cast of 6, all signed, and certified. only 500 ever printed. Thanks,

  4. Rick Schell 14 January, 2019 at 18:15

    I got one better, I have a one of a kind poster board (approximately 13-19) with the original cast from the very first original movie. Every person in the cast signed the poster board.

  5. KATHY KEARNS 12 March, 2019 at 17:21


  6. Richard Delezene Sr 19 March, 2021 at 20:45

    I am 78 years old and I have been a big fan of Star Trek and William shatner ever since it’s been on TV and the movies. I would like to purchase a complete set of either signed or unsigned cards of the people that were in the show. pS. I would love to purchase a complete set of them cards to pass on to my grandkids. Thank you.

  7. Patrice 17 June, 2021 at 00:03

    I have one even better. A Star Trek Collectible Glass signed by Chris Pine. I am curious of what it is worth. It goes with the other 3 glasses I have.

  8. Alejandro Negrete 13 December, 2021 at 14:28

    I have a complete set from first season and many others mint condition two zero nine 226-thirty seven o9

  9. Daniel Collard 23 April, 2024 at 07:52

    I have Shatner/Collins duel card…but…it’s an error card as they each signed in the other ones spot!

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