Tim Raines Cards Through the Years — Topps Edition


Although he’s one of baseball’s greatest lead-off hitters, Tim Raines cards have never truly taken the hobby by storm. Sure, he has his fans and tremendous respect but if you’re looking to collect the Expos legend, the vast majority can be found on the cheap.


Is value all that matters? Of course not.

Raines’ career covered a time when baseball cards were still one of the most convenient way to track a player’s stats from year-to-year. It wasn’t until he was far past his prime that the Internet and its endless stream of instant data became available.

Looking back at all of the Topps Tim Raines cards from his playing days showcase the speedster’s style and swagger. From his early glory days with the Expos to his time with the White Sox through the end of Raine’s career bouncing through New York, Oakland and Florida, it can all be summed up over the span of a few nine-pocket pages.

Like a lot of players in the 1970s and early part of the 1980s, the first Topps Tim Raines card put him alongside a couple of other rookies. In this instance, it was Roberto Ramos and Bobby Pate. By the end of 1982, Raines had more stolen bases than Ramos’ and Pate’s combined career total for MLB games played.

Raines’s first solo Topps card came a few months later with the release of 1981 Topps Traded. Going forward, Raines would appear in every flagship Topps baseball set 1997. During the 1980s, he normally had a handful of cards wit subsets like League Leaders, Record Breakers and All-Stars. The final Topps Tim Raines cards from his playing days are from 2000 Topps and 2002 Topps Traded.

Topps Tim Raines Cards Through the Years

Here’s a look at the career of Tim Raines and how he changed over the years as told by his Topps baseball cards.

1981 Topps RC #479 with Roberto Ramos RC/Bobby Pate RC

1981 Topps Tim Raines RC

1981 Topps Traded #816

1981 Topps Traded Tim Raines

1982 Topps #70

1982 Topps Tim Raines

1983 Topps #595

1983 Topps Tim Raines

1984 Topps #370

1984 Topps Tim Raines

1985 Topps #630

1985 Topps Tim Raines

1986 Topps #280

1986 Topps Tim Raines

1987 Topps #30

1987 Topps Tim Raines

1988 Topps #720

1988 Topps Tim Raines

1989 Topps #560

1989 Topps Tim Raines

1990 Topps #180

1990 Topps Tim Raines

1991 Topps #360

1991 Topps Tim Raines

1991 Topps Traded #94T

1991 Topps Traded Tim Raines

1992 Topps #426

1992 Topps Tim Raines

1993 Topps #675

1993 Topps Tim Raines

1994 Topps #243

1994 Topps Tim Raines

1995 Topps #77

1995 Topps Tim Raines

1996 Topps #272

1996 Topps Tim Raines

1997 Topps #334

1997 Topps Tim Raines

2000 Topps #71

2000 Topps Tim Raines

2002 Topps Traded #T52

2002 Topps Traded Tim Raines


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