Tim Duncan Rookie Card Rankings


Some basketball superstars do their thing with a lot of headline-grabbing flash. Others go out and dominate without garnering tons of attention. The Tim Duncan Rookie Card lineup parallels his on-court performance. They’re all respected in their own way, but they tend to be overlooked compared to the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and some of the other big names of his era.

Part of that is who Duncan was as a player. Although dominant, his pro career was with a franchise that has long stressed the team aspect. At the start of his career, Duncan was paired alongside David Robinson. Then came Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobli. Like Duncan, all were NBA stars. But they found their success together.

And what success Duncan had. While many NBA legends fail to win a championship, Duncan was a part of five teams to win it all. He was the NBA Finals MVP on three of those occasions as well.

There’s another reason why virtually every Tim Duncan Rookie Card remains affordable to everyone. The hobby was in a different place at the time. Inserts and autographs were starting to take over, but for most sets, Rookies were just a part of the checklist. Even if they were short prints, they were still somewhat attainable. Within a couple of years, that would change and things like signatures, memorabilia, shrinking print runs and ultra high-end products started to proliferate.

Duncan certainly has some valuable cards from his rookie season thanks to some rare and iconic parallels, but not so much for the majority of his Rookie Cards. They’re most readily available and unless they’re at the top end of professional grading, they can be found for less than the average pack of cards today.

Most Valuable Tim Duncan Rookie Card Rankings

Rankings are determined primarily by value in the Beckett Price Guide. Only base cards with the RC tag in the Beckett database are included here and not inserts. A comprehensive Tim Duncan basketball card checklist can be found in the database.

18. 1997-98 Collector’s Choice Tim Duncan RC #323

It might be the cheapest Tim Duncan Rookie Card, but that doesn’t mean that Collector’s Choice is a bad card. A clean design and a decent action shot highlight Upper Deck’s entry-level offering.

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17. 1997-98 Z-Force Tim Duncan RC #111

When you talk about late ’90s basketball cards and SkyBox, big designs are a common theme. Some love them while others want to opt for something more traditional. Using a look that’s essentially the same as 1998 Circa Thunder Baseball, the 1997-98 Z-Force Tim Duncan Rookie Card is a matter of “lots”: lots of patterns, lots of colors, lots of font choices, lots of movement.

Parallels: Rave (/399), Super Rave (/50)

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16. 1997-98 Hoops Tim Duncan RC #166

As far as modern basketball cards go, Hoops has a lot of tradition. It has always been an accessible line where valuable cards are limited to extremely rare inserts. That remains true here. A widely available card, this one remains cheap, even on the reasonable Tim Duncan Rookie Card scale.

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15. 1997-98 Fleer Tim Duncan RC #201

In the late 1990s, flagship Fleer moved forward by going back. At the time, everyone else was going glossy. 1997-98 Fleer went with a matte finish, giving off an aura of old-school cardboard. As for Duncan’s card in the set, there’s some beauty in the full-bleed simplicity.

Parallels: Crystal Collection, Tiffany Collection

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14. 1997-98 Topps Tim Duncan RC #115

You can’t have a discussion about tradition and basketball cards without mentioning Topps. The flagship Rookie Card isn’t rare and it’s not particularly valuable but it does carry that tradition with it — something that has become increasingly more important with some of Duncan’s more recent peers.

Parallels: Minted in Springfield, O-Pee-Chee

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1997-98 Topps Tim Duncan Rookie Card

13. 1997-98 Upper Deck Tim Duncan RC #114

Whether he’s on the court or on the front of a basketball card, Tim Duncan is usually all business. For his 1997-98 Upper Deck Rookie Card, there’s a more casual side to the Hall of Famer.

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1997-98 Upper Deck Tim Duncan Rookie Card

12. 1997-98 SkyBox Premium Tim Duncan RC #112

It might have “premium” in its name, but even by this point 1997-98 SkyBox Premium was stuck in the hobby middle ground. And it’s reflected by this Tim Duncan Rookie Card. It’s clean, but there’s not a lot about it that stands out. By this point, glossy stock and gold foil were the norm, not the exception.

Parallels: Star Rubies (/50)

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11. 1997-98 Stadium Club Tim Duncan RC #201

Usually when you think of Stadium Club, it’s the photography that’s the central element. That’s not the case with the 1997-98 Stadium Club Tim Duncan Rookie Card, though. Instead, it’s the foil finish given to the set’s draft picks.

Parallels: Members Only, First Day Issue (200 copies), One of a Kind (/150), Printing Plates Black (1/1), Printing Plates Cyan (1/1), Printing Plates Magenta (1/1), Printing Plates Yellow (1/1)

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10. 1997-98 Metal Universe Championship Tim Duncan RC #72

Looking for an out-of-this-world Tim Duncan Rookie Card? Here it is. The second set of the year with the Metal Universe name, it has a bit of a different take on foil but still an over-the-top presentation.

Parallels: Precious Metal Gems (/50)

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9. 1997-98 Metal Universe Tim Duncan RC #66

1997-98 Metal Universe Basketball is one of the most coveted modern basketball card sets. But that’s primarily because of the landmark Precious Metal Gems parallels. Expect to pay thousands for a Tim Duncan PMG from his rookie season, even if it’s not in the greatest condition. The base RC version? A few dollars.

Parallels: Precious Metal Gems (/100, 90 copies), Precious Metal Gems Emerald (/100, first 10 copies)

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1997-98 Metal Universe Tim Duncan Rookie Card

8. 1997-98 Bowman’s Best Tim Duncan RC #106

When it comes to Tim Duncan Rookie Cards, Topps has three different spins on chromium. 1997-98 Bowman’s Best is the most affordable. Besides the usual Refractor parallel that’s in all three, there’s also an even more rare Atomic Refractor that has a tiled square pattern running throughout the background.

Parallels: Atomic Refractors, Refractors

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7. 1997-98 Finest Tim Duncan RC #101

Across two series, Tim Duncan has three different cards in 1997-98 Finest. Each is different and comes with different rarities: bronze (common), silver (uncommon) and gold (rare). Duncan’s Debuts card is both the first and most common so it gets the RC tag. Finest was one of the most popular basketball brands in the 1990s, although by this point it had competition from similar Topps chromium lines.

Parallels: Refractors

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1997-98 Finest Tim Duncan Rookie Card

6. 1997-98 Flair Showcase Row 3 Tim Duncan RC #5

Like Finest, 1997-98 Flair Showcase Basketball has a multi-tiered checklist. Every card has four different different versions. Row 3 is the most common and considered base. There’s also Row 2, Row 1 and Row 0. Each has their own dual-photo design and varying rarities. Because Row 3 is the base, this is the Tim Duncan Rookie Card. The Legacy Collection parallels rank among the most valuable rookie-year Tim Duncan cards.

Parallels: Legacy Collection (/100), Masterpieces (1/1)

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5. 1997-98 SPx Tim Duncan RC #37

A foil and die-cut design is capped off with a hologram, a feature that was a trademark for early SPx sets across all sports.

Parallels: Bronze, Gold, Silver, Sky, Grand Finale (/50)

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4. 1997-98 Ultra Tim Duncan RC #131

Ultra was one of basketball’s cornerstone brands in the late 1990s. Duncan’s RC is found in Series 1 packs. Rookies are 1:4 packs so it’s a short print but not terribly difficult compared to veteran base cards.

Parallels: Gold Medallion, Platinum Medallion (/100), Masterpieces (1/1)

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1997-98 Ultra Tim Duncan Rookie Card

3. 1997-98 E-X2001 Tim Duncan Rookie Card #75

Plastic stock is the basis for the 1997-98 E-X2001 Tim Duncan RC. Patterned foil and a die-cut image of the 1997 first overall pick give this high-end Rookie Card not just a distinct look, but feel as well. The card’s two parallels, Essential Credentials Now and Essential Credentials Future are among the year’s toughest with 75 and six copies, respectively.

Parallels: Essential Credentials Now (/75), Essential Credentials Future (/6)

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197-98 E-X2001 Tim Duncan Rookie Card

2. 1997-98 SP Authentic Tim Duncan Rookie Card #128

Whether it’s SP or the freshly dubbed SP Authentic, this has long been a popular line when it comes to Rookie Cards. Although the flagship Upper Deck line was a push in the high-end direction, SP took things further with more intricate designs and inserts. SP Authentic went another step by going heavy on the autographs. That would come into play for RCs not long after this, but for Duncan, it’s simply a premium offering compared to most of his others.

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1997-98 SP Authentic Tim Duncan Rookie Card

1. 1997-98 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan Rookie Card #115

This cards may look pretty much the same as the regular Topps Duncan RC, but it has emerged as the clear cut most valuable Tim Duncan Rookie Card. Whether it’s Topps Chrome or Panini Prizm, shiny is king when it comes to modern basketball Rookie Cards. The 1997-98 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan comes in the brand’s second season. While always coveted, prices on the card have surged since Duncan’s retirement.

Parallels: Refractors

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1997-98 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan Rookie Card


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