They're back! Classic Garbage Pail Kids returning in 2010

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Garbage Pail Kids, the 1980s trading card parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids toys (and really much, much more in pop culture), are returning with a new set from Topps that pays tribute to many of the memorable original cards from the 1980s.

Scheduled for a mid-February release, Garbage Pail Kids Flashback is a 160-card set (two named versions of 80 drawings)  that includes some of the most memorable kids from the past classic sets along with nine “lost” Kids that never made the cut back in the mid-1980s.

See more images (you just might recognize a few of these GPKs besides Rappin’ Ron) and read more about the new set after the jump.

One subset of cards in the release —  “Where are They Now?” — updates a few of the memorable Kids from the past, showing them what they might look like today. (You know, the Kids grew up… )

Each hobby box includes 24 packs and they carry a suggested retail price of $2 a pack. Unlike in the original sets, which were merely sticker cards, this new edition of the Garbage Pail Kids includes some higher-end chase cards.

Like what?

Hand-drawn 1/1 Sketch Cards drawn by artists in the set — these haven’t been done since the Series 4 set a few years ago. (The GPK’s never really went away… the classic ones have just returned for this release.) Also to be found are 1/1 printing plates — the actual metal plates used to print the cards. (Four colors per card — Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.)

Also planned are four parallel sets, which will have different borders than the standard cards — they’re Gross Green, Punk Pink, Silver and Gold. Only 85 Gold sets will be made, while the others will be found as many as six times per box.

Finally, there will be Loco Motion cards (three per box), which will animate 10 Kids, allowing their grossness to go where no GPK had gone before.

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