The secret ingredient in Mayo may just be college football autographs

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One upcoming product that has me particularly excited is the 2008 Topps Mayo Football set that is modeled after the original set of football cards from 1894.

mayo2It’s not so much the standard cards that make me think this could be the football version of Allen & Ginter, but rather the autograph checklists.

They have some huge names in football history, particularly a smattering of big-name college football coaches — along with some odd additions — that could make for some very popular cards.

Here are the tentative autograph checklists from Topps:

Mayo Americana Autographs
AMA-JP    Joe Paterno
AMA-DH    David Hasselhoff
AMA-JT    Jim Tressel
AMA-UM    Urban Meyer
AMA-MB    Mack Brown
AMA-BS    Bob Stoops
AMA-WS    William Shatner
AMA-JL    Jack Lengyel
AMA-JM    Jerry Moore
AMA-TT    Tommy Tubberville
AMA-RE    Rich Eisen
mayo3AMA-SH    Sig Hansen
AMA-JH    Jonathan Hillstrand
AMA-PH    Phil Harris
AMA-MR    Mike Rowe

Cut Signatures
CS-1    Knute Rockne
CS-2    Amos Alonzo Stagg
CS-3    Walter Camp
CS-4    Glenn “Pop” Warner
CS-5    Norman Rockwell
CS-6    Jack Benny
CS-7    Grover Cleveland
CS-8    Karl Benz
CS-9    E.E. Cummings
CS-10    Robert Louis Stevenson
CS-11    Milton Hershey
CS-12    Paul Gauguin
CS-13    Monet
CS-14    Edward Munch
CS-15    Edward the 8th

Mayo Autographs
MA-CC    Cris Carter
MA-SY    Steve Young
MA-SS    Sterling Sharpe
MA-JM    Joe Montana
MA-JE    John Elway
MA-DM    Dan Marino
MA-DS    Deion Sanders
MA-RL    Ronnie Lott
MA-LT    Lawrence Taylor
MA-TB    Tim Brown
MA-DA    Derek Anderson
MA-TBR    Tom Brady
MA-DB    Dwayne Bowe
MA-EM     Eli Manning
MA-BE    Braylon Edwards
MA-JJ    James Jones
MA-ML    Marshawn Lynch
MA-PM    Peyton Manning
MA-AP    Adrian Peterson
MA-PWI    Chad Johnson
MA-LE    Lee Evans
MA-BM    Brandon Marshall
MA-JA    Joseph Addai
MA-DBR    Drew Brees
MA-MC    Marques Colston
MA-MR    Matt Ryan
MA-CH    Chad Henne
MA-BB    Brian Brohm
MA-JF    Joe Flacco
MA-EA    Erik Ainge
MA-KO    Kevin O’Connell
MA-DMC    Darren McFadden
MA-MF    Matt Forté
MA-FJ    Felix Jones
MA-RM    Rashard Mendenhall
MA-RR    Ray Rice
MA-MK    Malcolm Kelly
MA-LS    Limas Sweed
MA-AC    Andre Caldwell
MA-JH    James Hardy
MA-APA    Allen Patrick
MA-AAL    Anthony Aldridge
MA-LL    Lance Leggett
MA-MH    Marcus Henry
MA-BF    Brandon Flowers
MA-MS    Marcus Smith
MA-RT    Ryan Torain
MA-JMO    Josh Morgan
MA-EB    Earl Bennett
MA-WF    Will Franklin

And, if you’re still reading this far down, check out the Relic card checklist … a Seth Rogan card?

Mayo Americana Relics
MAR-TK    “The King”
MAR-JP    Joe Paterno
MAR-BB    Bobby Bowden
MAR-JT    Jim Tressel
MAR-MB    Mack Brown
MAR-WN    Willie Nelson
MAR-JJ    Jesse James
MAR-DM    Dave Mirra
MAR-BM    Bam Margera
MAR-SR    Seth Rogan
MAR-JHI    Jonah Hill
MAR-RE    Rich Eisen
MAR-SH    Sig Hansen
MAR-JH    Jonathan Hillstrand
MAR-PH    Phil Harris
Chris Olds has collected sports cards and memorabilia since 1987. Before coming to Beckett Media, he wrote about the hobby for the Orlando Sentinel on his blog, SportsStuff, and for the San Antonio Express-News and The Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News. Do you have a comment, question or idea? Send e-mail to him at

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