The case of the Teddy Bridgewater changing autograph


By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

How many autographs will we see from Teddy Bridgewater this year?

Right now, the count is at 3.5.

Obviously, his autograph at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere is legit. The cards were signed by Bridgewater with representatives from Panini and Topps on hand. Yet, since the start of the 2014 football card season there have been a few variations on Bridgewater’s autograph.

First, we have the early autograph (pictured above). He signed this way for super early releases such as the 2011 All-American Army Bowl set from Leaf. These autos also appeared on sketch cards in 2014 Leaf products.

Then, we had the straight-line autograph with just a T and B that appeared on Leaf and Sage autographs.

The reason I say it’s three and a half because these cards from Press Pass and Upper Deck look similar to T—- B—– but have a little heartbeat-monitor squiggle added to them.

Then, there are his autographs from the Rookie Premiere, which look nothing like any of the other autographs he signed up until this point. Hopefully, this is the end of the variations and Bridgewater has found autograph he likes and sticks to it.

Which Teddy Bridgewater autograph do you prefer?

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  1. Mike Pereira 4 June, 2014 at 11:43

    The worst thing is that his Rookie Premiere autographs will be the only ones that are like that. I’m sick and tired of getting cheap lazy autographs of a player’s initials. My two year old can sign his name better than these adults. The representatives need to certify that these autographs are acceptable, especially if they are coming out of a $300 box. At what point is a player just going to mark an X for their name and then cash the big check they get for the manufactures. Complete laziness on both players and manufactures. BULL!!!

  2. Mark 4 June, 2014 at 11:52

    Just sign your freaking name and be happy with your good fortune. The laziness inherently displayed in something as simple as an evolving signature does not bode well for a commitment to excellence as QB of the Vikings.

  3. Emanuel 5 June, 2014 at 11:51

    Stop whining! It’s not that serious. His autograph has nothing to do with his play as a Minnesota Viking. If you don’t like his autograph, then sell the card to someone who doesn’t mind. Maybe he was trying different signatures until he found one that he liked. His NFLPA Rookie sig looks good. People always find something to complain about.

  4. Joe Montana 30 November, 2015 at 01:39

    Maybe you should try signing your name 3000 times and see if the first signature looks like the last one. Quit complaining and be happy he signed at all.

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