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Your Turn: What would you want to see in a memorabilia card?

We want to know … what would you want to see in a memorabilia card?

Your Turn: Which new rookies — in any sport — are you collecting?

Tell us in the comments below … which rookies are getting your hobby dollars?

Your Turn (Beckett Basketball 245): What do you think is the key to a good NBA product?

What makes a good NBA product these days? Tell us what you think …

Your Turn (BSCM Rookies Issue): If you could own only one RC, what would it be?

If you could only own a single Rookie Card — just one — what would it be?

Your Turn (Beckett Baseball No. 80): Who are your hobby award-winners?

We want to know … Who are your hobby award-winners?

Your Turn (HK 242): Who do you think is a future hockey legend?

Who do you think is a future legend? Tell us and appear in the next issue of Beckett Hockey.

Your Turn (Beckett Baseball No. 78): What do you miss in the hobby?

We want to know … What do you miss in the hobby?

Your turn: The Goalies Issue

We’re focusing on goalies for the upcoming issue of Beckett Hockey and we have a few opportunities for collector participation.

Your Turn: How has the Web changed the hobby?

It’s a bit of a loaded question because there are countless possible answers — it might be better to ask whether there are ways it hasn’t changed collecting. After all, card grading, low print-runs on serial-numbered cards … a lot of today’s trends can be attributed to Internet-inspired changes in the collecting landscape.

Your Turn (Beckett Baseball No. 74): If you could own just one card, what would it be?

If you could only own one baseball card, which one would it be?

Your Turn (BSCM): What’s your favorite type of game-used memorabilia card?

We’re not wanting a dream list or a who’s who of sports legends. We simply want to know … What types of game-used memorabilia would you like to see more of (in any sport)?

Biggest Busts: Which rookies did you FAIL with?

What rookie/prospect did you go wrong with — and how many cards did you hoard?

Your Turn: What’s in the cards for 2012?

What do you predict seeing for baseball cards in 2012?

Your Turn: Beckett Baseball – Can casual sell cardboard? (take our poll after the jump)

With Panini America recently gaining a group license from the MLB Players Association to start producing baseball cards this year, the company is in a unique position — its challenge is to produce cards of MLB players while not showing them in their MLB uniforms.

Vintage: Does what’s new define what’s old? (w/poll)

Does defining what’s vintage come down to a bit of a philosophical question?

Your turn: Obsessin’ over Ovechkin

Tell us why you’re obsessed with collecting Alex Ovechkin for a chance to be in the November issue of Beckett Hockey.