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Girl Power: A Super Collection of Heroines

00000 By Eric Norton | Beckett Analyst During Beckett’s inaugural Month of Marvel, Kevin, a collector from Califorina, approached us with a an impressive collection of  heroines featured on cardboard.  It’s a collection that he started on his own in 1998, but when his daughter arrived to this world it gave the direction and purpose of […]

Final Update: Funko readies for Comic Con

00000 By Matt Bible | Beckett Non-Sports and Gaming Analyst | Commentary San Diego Comic Con is a little less than a month away and all the hype surrounding Funko and its exclusives has the vinyl collectors in a frenzy. There will be plenty of variety as Funko has been announcing SDCC releases. The ten waves […]

Female comic characters get the focus in upcoming releases

And over the next several weeks, the women in the two big comic companies are getting their own place in the trading card world.