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Those 2014 Sports Illustrated Houston Astros World Series Prediction Issues Are Selling for Crazy Money

Have you seen what back issues of the 2014 Sports Illustrated predicting the Houston Astros winning the 2017 World Series are selling for?

The King and S.I. — New Jersey collector pursues lifelong autograph project

Imagine a collecting challenge that spans decades into the past and has at least one new autograph addition arriving every single week.

Demand rises for Jason Collins’ certified autographs

Simply put, there is now more demand for Jason Collins autographs.

Jason Collins’ announcement might spark added interest in his cardboard

Collins appears on just 227 cards valued at little more than $1,300.

Beckett 20 Questions on … art in collectibles

From non-sports and sketch cards to Diamond Kings, toys, photography and more, there’s plenty to explore in the world of art as it’s seen on our collectibles.

Writers once got their due on baseball cards

The 1990 Little Sun Writers set features cards of notable baseball writers.

Sports Illustrated publishes salute to Stan Musial

Fans of a baseball legend have one more piece to add to their collections.

HIT PARADER: Non-traditional hits can bring variety to collections — and dollars to pockets

Here’s a look at two of the 20 unusual hits with a bit of a story — or a surprise — behind them as will found in the next issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly.

Moneyball is almost here … and collecting the movie’s memorabilia won’t be too tough

The newest piece of Moneyball memorabilia is this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated, which features Brad Pitt on the cover. This is sure to be a popular item for sports-minded autograph seekers to get signed.

Weekly Highlights (April 25 – April 29)

Beckett.com’s weekly highlights for the week of April 25 – April 29.